Saturday, May 28, 2011

When did he grow up???

There are perks to being the pre-k teacher AND the class photographer.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I totally get it

Before I met Rob I never camped. We were never a camping family, and the closest thing we ever did was set up a tent in the yard and sleep out there. When we first starting dating, he took me to the campground where his parents were seasonal and showed me where they spent most of their free time. I just didn't get it. Rob's parents, in my opinion, were quite well off. They had a big beautiful house, 2 vehicles, nice EVERYTHING, and yet they packed up each weekend to spend at their camper. They ate off dollar store dishes, lived in a space 1/2 the size of the trailer I lived in, and seemed genuinely happy about it.

Sitting at the campground this weekend, eating breakfast off paper plates, looking at my kids who were already dirty from playing, I got it. I completely understood why they left their lives in the city and camped. I'm not saying that I think we are the "rich" people I thought Rob's parents were ( I see everything very differently now), but for the first time in 16 years we are comfortable. I felt so relaxed when we were away, something I haven't truly felt in months. There is a lot going on right now, some things I can't post here but if you read the news about Saskatchewan teachers and remember that I am employed as one you will understand. I uploaded these pictures last night and it shows how much fun we had. We won't get out camping again until after we get back from Nova Scotia, but we left all the supplies in there. It won't be long after we get back that we hit the road again.

Walking on a suspension bridge we found at a nearby park. I played the girl card and chickened out.
That's Joey, climbing to the top of the hill.
My great rummage sale find. I LOVE this suitcase. Colby had to take a turn running down the hill also.
The boys spent the weekend playing badminton.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heavy times

I am really trying to get out from underneath the black cloud that seems to be following me around. I've kept it off FB and here, but so many people have been asking why they haven't heard from me so I feel I owe you all an explanation. Yes cyber family, I love you all for your concern.

There are HUGE changes in my very near future (and no, we're not moving). My job is a term position, and the term will be up as of June 30. Every year my job is reposted, and every year I wait to see if a certified teacher will realize what a jewel of a job I have and apply. If a certified teacher applies for my job, I will automatically be bumped. I am in the last course of a 2 year program to obtain my ECE, but unfortunately although the school board has paid for this they cannot guarantee me a job. The Saskatchewan Teachers are also in a union fight right now, and we had our first "rally" day a few weeks ago. These scare me because again, although I'm not a teacher I have to fight with them because I am part of their union. So I have already been required to spend a rally day with them knowing full well I will not be paid for it. They are currently returning to the bargining table so I check my email everyday to see if there is another walk-out planned. We get 36 hours notice by email if this happens.

Add to this I have taken it upon myself to do all the pre-k grad pictures (of course, why wouldn't I?) I did all their pictures in front of a green screen, and there are 34 of them so I have been photoshopping every night trying to get these done. The grad is a big deal here so there's a lot of work.

And speaking of work, there are also big changes happening with the pre-k program. Currently, the program is offered in the headstart program here in town, but next year it will be operated right out of the elementary school. For anyone who lives in a small community, you know that most programs are provincially funded, so this is a HUGE impact for the Friendship Centre to lose this program. So there is a lot of uncertainty going on, because frankly no one really knows the details yet. All I know is this will be the last year I will be working in this building, with these women. That really sucks.

And to top it all off, yesterday at work that one of my students will not be returning because of an incident that happened in her house. Although I am not comfortable discussing the details, let's just say all the children were taken from their home in the middle of the night, their father is in jail and their mother is in the hospital in critical condition. Another little girl told me yesterday on the day home that "Daddy hit mommy and made her cry and now he's in jail". It is hard not to cry at work, and yesterday finding out these 2 things within an hour of each other left me coming home with a very sore lip, because biting it was what I did to not cry and scoop her up to hug her.

But, as usual my hubby is coming to my rescue. I had been asked to do a photography shoot in Prince Albert this weekend, so he decided to make it a camping weekend. Oh yes my friends, we're going camping! The camper is set, we bought a new mattress last night for our bed in there, and we're heading out of town for 3 glorious days. It is just what I need right now. No work, no stress, just 3 days camping with the most important people in my life, and Jamie and Clare of course. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy birthday Joey!!!

The blog challenge is on hold, because well frankly I have more important things to blog about and I'm honestly losing interest. So I'm going to pepper it in. Today my baby turns 5. Really, 5? Where did the time go? He is growing into quite the little man, so much like his brother. He is now independantly reading, to the point when reading buddies come to preschool he reads TO them. He also reads to us at at bedtime. All he wants to do is go to the "big school". He's funny, smart and idolizes his brother. We are very lucky. Excuse me while I go cry now.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Day 24: Something embarrassing in your bedroom

Made ya look, didn't it?

I have thought about this one for the last day or so, wondering how I would write this. There really isn't anything embarrassing in my room. My room is actually quite asthetically boring. The walls are white, the furniture is mismatched and there is always a pile of laundry just waiting to be put away. (Don't forget, this house is technically a furnished rental). The one thing you will see on my bed is an extra large stuffed Sneezy Dwarf. Rob bought this for me when I was pregnant with Colby. I'm the type of person who, when they sneeze, sneeze at least 10 times. It's an ongoing joke with us.

Did you expect me to write a post about Bob? If you know who that is, then you probably have a Bob of your own. :)