Sunday, May 27, 2012

He's off to the Cayman Islands

Each year the Northwest Company participates in the Canadian Diabetes Marathon. It is a 21 km 1/2 marathon. Each year staff members have the option of applying for this to participate. Each person has to raise 3000.00 of their own money, and the company will contribute 3000.00 to cover the expenses. Rob decided for the first time this year to apply and was accepted! We are currently fundraising for him. We have had 1 Mother's Day basket that raised almost 550.00, a bbq that raised just over 300.00 and yesterday we did a bake sale that raised over 100.00. The generosity of this community and our friends and family both near and far is just amazing. We currently have a framed poster that we are selling tickets on at the store (which we will ship for free if someone from away wants to buy tickets!). You can also support online if you choose. If you wish, you can follow the link HERE and put in Rob's name (Rob Schwartz). That will also be counted towards his fundraising. The picture you ask? Well it's this one:

Oh, and thanks Chandra for reminding me.  If you use this link and put in Rob's name, it comes up that he is in Toronto.  It was set up by head office so everyone, regardless of what province they are in, comes up Toronto.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Maiden voyage in the boat.  We loved every minute of it.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Just makes me think

I wouldn't say that I am an overly religious person.  I do have my beliefs, and I don't like to push them on other people.  I know I have blogged about this before, but today is the anniversary of my very close friend's nephew's death.  He took his life the day Joe was born.  I like to think that as the two souls passed, one leaving one coming here, that they made an agreement to one day lead us here.  I feel like we were meant to come here, and today more than ever confirms why.

Happy 6th birthday

6 years. I really can't believe he is 6 years old. It seems like it was just yesterday I was wondering what the hell I did to deserve this (well, that is a LITTLE harsh. I was a bit of a rotten teenager and I'm sure I wasn't the angelic baby I would like to think I was and Karma really is a bitch). Well, it was all great AFTER the croup finished and took away the screaming monster and gave us a beautiful little smiling boy (and let's face it, we deserved all those smiles after the 6 months of sleepness nights and wondering what it would take to make him JUST STOP CRYING). Happy birthday little man.  We all love you very very much.

May 11, 2006

May 9, 2012