Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy 10 years to Us!

Today, Rob and I have been together 10 years. I can't believe it. It was November 25, 2004 that we decided that we wanted our "casual dating" to be something more. It certainly doesn't feel like 1o years. It's amazing what we have accomplished in those 10 years. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I found a picture of us from that time what I felt I needed to post. Man, we look so young! And Rob's hair is all black!

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Monday, November 22, 2004

Anonymous is not anonymous anymore

Well, don't I just feel like a shit that jumped the gun. I had a call on my phone last night from a good friend of mine in NB that we missed, so I called her back this morning. It seems that SHE is anonymous, who left the first message. It was a harmless message commenting on the length of my blogs lately. I laughed. Now, as I look at it from her writing it, that makes sense. She said that it just seems like my blogs are getting longer and longer. Nothing like a case of a comment being misintrepreted and blown out of porportion. Though, I must admit, I'm kind of dissapointed that it wasn't "A" after all. That could have been fun! I think my past is coming back to haunt me in many ways. There is a guy at work that just got promoted to supervisor. I have never noticed him before this week. If he had long, pin staight blonde hair he would remind me of someone I used to know. He has the eye color and smile. It's kind of freaky, seeing I haven't seen the guy that I used to know in years, and suddenly I feel like I'm working with his twin. If the guy I know wasn't an only child, I would be convinced they were brothers!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Little bothered

There was a comment left on my blog anonymously that I must admit, is very bothersome. As I sit here and read my last blog, it can be intrepreted in many ways. I admit, I was tired when I wrote that. There is nothing vendictive or mean about it, or it was not intended to be. I have a feeling I know who left the message, and I must admit I do not like the fact that whoever it was did not leave their name. Everyone loves "gossip from highschool", well maybe not everyone but I do. I like to hear what has happened to people. If the two people mentioned in my blog, and if you don't know me well then you really don't know who I'm talking about which is why it does not include names, end up together, well, hey, I'm happy that they found happiness. I just thought it was interesting how present life and criss-cross with past life experiences. I toyed with the idea of removing it from my blog all together, but you know what, dammit, it's MY blog and I'm allowed to comment on what I like. If ya don't like it, well, there's a red X in the top right hand corner of your screen, there's no one stopping you from pressing it! Though, now that I have taken a moment before writing more, I do enjoy comments, and would really appreciate if people are going to post, please tell me who you are. I feel that I have "touched a nerve" with someone, and if ya don't like it or don't agree, feel free to tell me. But at least give me the courtesy of knowing who I've pissed off.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Birthdays, Fish and Icy Squares

First and foremost, my beautiful neices celebrated their 4th birthday yesterday, November 17th. Happy birthday Kira and Rebecca. And to their mom too, since she had the day first! Happy birthday Nicole! We got our power back Monday night at 11:35pm. I was just leaving work, preparing for another cold night in the house when Rob called and said that the power was back. I could have cried. I ended up bringing the fish to Ruffins, a pet store in a mall close to here that is owned by a friend of Kassie's, Kyle. He graciously combined 2 of his tanks to give me one for my fish until the power came back. I'm happy to report that the fish are all alive, warm and well. We went and got them back yesterday. I found the most amazing Dollar Store today in Dartmouth. It is on the #7 highway (which incidently meant NOTHING to me until someone told me that Main Street turns into the #7). It is the biggest Dollar store I have seen, and believe me I have been in many of them. I bought hat and scarf sets for Colby for 1.00 each and water proof mittens. I bought 4 hat and scarf sets and 6 pairs of mittens. I also bought the same for Sandra's twins. You can never have enough mitts, scarves and hats! I also found Icy Squares, which of course I had to buy. It's amazing how just a little thing can have soo many memories attached. Icy Squares instantly remind me of Christmas shopping with Tawny in high school. We would spent hours and come home with nothing more than empty Icy Square wrappers. Our christmas gifts to each other would almost include these silly little chocolates. I remember us being at Zellers for when it opened for something or another, and watching people slide under the rolling gate to get in to get that "great deal". The funny things you remember. I guess that this high school thinking was initially triggered by a little gossip I heard, followed shortly by the chocolate. Rob is still in contact with a specific person from his past, who I will refer to as A. Well, A told Rob a little while ago (he just remembered to tell me the other day) that, now as she is single again after a very short marriage, has been socially seeing someone from my past, who we will call B. I am assuming since B was married a few years ago that that union has also dissolved. It's interesting how life takes twists and turns. I hope for A's sake that B's marriage is dissolved. That can become a very tricky situation if it's not. The only reason I mention this is that infidelity is one of the main reasons that my relationship with B dissolved, (I'm embarrased now looking back that this happened a number of times with him and I). Though, to be fair to him, our past together was many, many moons ago and one would hope that he has grown and matured as the rest of us did. I have no way of knowing why that marriage didn't work. I must admit, it does make me chuckle though. A has admitted to me and to Rob that she will "always have a place in her heart reserved for him" (verbatim here folks), and now she is seeing socially, casually I would assume, someone who was part of my life many years ago. It's just funny how life plays out, don't ya think? But hey, if they're happy, more power to them. Even if it was a date or two for them, even if they never go out again, I'm glad that A and B are moving on and I hope that they can find happiness again, who knows, maybe with each other, maybe not. It's just funny how 2 people who went to school together, went separate ways, have now crossed paths again. I'm glad for them both. AND YES, TO THE PERSON WHO LEFT THE COMMENT, I HAVE EDITED THIS TO CLARIFY MY POINT IN BRINGING THIS UP.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Holy S**T It's Cold!

It's Monday morning and I am at dad's thawing out. We lost the power yesterday at lunch time and as of 8:55 am Monday morning it's STILL not back. Colby spent the night last night with mom and dad but we decided to stay home in case the power came back on. That was a HUGE mistake this morning. Last night was fine as we pulled the sleeping bag out and put it on the bed. According to Nova Scotia Power, it may be DAYS before we get our power back. We seem to be the only area in Sackville effected as most other places, like here at Dad's, is back on. They only lost their power for a couple of hours. We had the Coleman Lantern on last night for a while to light up the house, but you can only leave that on for so long inside. Burnside Industrial Park is pretty much shut down due to 4 main transformer stations collapsing under the weight of the snow, but of course Convergys is still open! They will never close as they have back up generators. But, you would think generators will only last for so long. Highfield Park, where the call centre is located, is still shut down. There are also 2 main transformers in Sackville that collapsed, which is why I am still without power. The worst thing about it is that I have a tankful of tropical fish that don't like the cold and are to be in a tank with water anywhere from 78 -82 degrees. When we left the house, the tank was at 60 and dropping. I'm afraid we're going to lose them if the power doesn't come back, but it may stress them out even more if I take them out of there. fsaqdfnoweiruslnvaksjfboiwqeurwolfmajksghbqoew. (you can just imagine what that translates to!) FREAKIN' SNOW!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Wasn't that a party!

We had his party today. He had a blast. Almost everyone showed up. We rented a hall and the kids went NUTS playing with balloons. Colby was a little overwhelmed when it came to opening his presents as all the other kids were pretty much climbing over him to "help" him unwrap. I think there were 3 rolls of film taken. I looked up and Adam had my camera going. Of course I'm getting them all developed tomorrow and we'll see how they are. At this point we're all exhausted. More details to come when I'm not so tired.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Happy 3rd Birthday Colby

I can't believe my little boy turned 3 today! I was looking at his first album and my heart just swells with pride, seeing how my little baby is growing up. It seems like just yesterday, not 3 years ago I was just meeting the other man in my life who holds my heart. We were on the go all day. We went and had lunch with Gramma Jeannine, who took us to Jungle Jim's. As we were walking out of her office, she started to go towards her car, and I reminded her that we would need a carseat for Colby. No worries, she said. She kept the one I loaned her IN HER CAR! Off we went in her car to a fabulous lunch. She called ahead and told the girls that it was his birthday, and they came out with a piece of cake with a sparkler in it and sang happy birthday to him! He loved it and she loves him very much. She bought him a great new outfit and a new bedtime book to read. I had my camera at Jungle Jim's and I should have the pictures back tomorrow. From there we went over to get Kassie and went to see Gramma and Grandpa. Grandpa filled him up with chocolate and we brought in new pictures for their wall. Gramma is still very sick, but she is getting better. She has pnemonia. From there we went to Nanny's, who HAD to buy him something, so she bought him new winter boots with Bob the Builder and Poppy bought him a new Toronto Maple Leafs touque and gloves. From there we went to Pets Unlimited where Anthony and Kass bought him 6 new fish for his tank. All he keeps talking about is his birthday party, and while we were waiting for the fish, he was inviting complete strangers to the party! We also received many calls today, Lindsay, BJ and Kelly ( who may not make it this weekend as Kelly is sick) and cards from my grandmother and Aunt Donna in Newfoundland. He also received an e-card from the women at Colby Physioclinic. My little boy is very loved!

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