Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My poor friend

As of right now since I have not had a call, Genevieve still has not had the baby. My understanding from Adam's last comment is that she went for a larger dose of gel yesterday. That will be her 3rd treatment of the gel. Let me tell you, I've been there, that sucks. There is nothing worse than waiting. You get the treatment of the gel, they monitor the baby's heartbeat for an hour, and then it's "OK, you've got a minimum of 6 hours to wait and call us if you're still pregnant and we'll do it again". I had this done 5 times before I went balistic in the hospital. I hope once the whole process starts for her it goes very fast. I call home from work every night with the extension of my phone that I'm at in case they call. I can't wait.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Today should be the day!

I was talking to Adam last night. I guess Genevieve had 2 treatments of the gel yesterday and then they sent her home last night. I must admit, I'm surprised that they let her go home. But, I guess if she goes / went into labour last night she'd go right back. If not, she'd at least be able to sleep in her own bed. Adam sounds so excited. I'm really happy for them. Life is about to take a huge change for them. I went to a couple yard sales yesterday and found another booster seat for Colby. It was a great find because it was starting to rain and I got it for 5.00. It's in amazing shape. So, all I need to do is find 1 more for mom and dad's car and we're totally out finished with car seats. I am going to take 1 of ours and donate it to the yard sale we're having at work, and Sandra is going to take the other one for her aunt. Sandra and I registered the kids for pre-school this morning. It's an amazing place. It seems very structured, and it even has a gym program. Colby really seemed to like it. He starts September 6. At least going into this he will know at least 2 kids as Sandra's twins are in the same class. So, on that morning when we drop them off Sandra and I can go cry together.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Anxiously waiting for the call

Genevieve is being induced today. I'm anxiously waiting for the phone to ring. I'm just as anxious to find out what her name is going to be. Somehow, knowing my 2 wonderful friends, that little girl will be at least 10 hours old before she is named. I found another booster seat at a yard sale for Colby. 2 down, 1 to go. All I need to find now is one for mom and dad's car. We got our new phones yesterday. They are really great. I have taken soo many pictures. I have an online album. I just need to figure out if I can make it public and I'll post the link. I have also found online an online hunt all about the Da Vinci Code. I will look further into it later and expand on it here.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Less than 24 hours!

If Genevieve doesn't have the baby tonight on her own, they're going in to be induced tomorrow. So I pray that her labor will go quickly and the induction works the first time. So she should be born either tomorrow or Monday! I want to drive up there so bad but obviously that's not possible or a smart idea, with the amount of people that will soon be there. Her mom is coming up for a month I believe after she is born to help Genevieve adjust and if all goes well I'm hoping to go up in June, depending on who is there and if my vacation will still be then. Now that I'm in the new department I have to see if my vacation conflicts with anyone else's. I told my new boss that it's necessary for me to have the week in August as Rob also has that week and it's the week after the wedding. If we don't make it to NB in June I definitely want to go in August. The other thing we need to factor in is Koda. It all depends on when we can get him. We're waiting for the call for the 2nd interview where they come to the house. Rob is very anxious, as he wants to start pricing / buying food and he is also in the process of planning / building a kennel for him. Most greyhounds tend to get sores on their elbows / knees from the rubbing up against the kennel, so Rob is building one and I'd like to put padding in it so it will be more comfortable. We should only have to use it for the first week or so until he gets used to the house, then he can sleep in his own room. The kennel is going to be designed so that it will be collapsible, so we can take it apart for storage and to get it through the doors. The first week or so he'll be sleeping in our room so we need something that not only will fit beside the bed but be able to be assembled and disassembled in the room. Just like having a child all over again!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Nursery School

I called to enroll Colby in a very well known preschool today. We go down Monday to register him for September. He'll be in a class of 4 year olds as he will be 4 in the fall. I can't believe it. Today is Day 1 of Genevieve being overdue. 6 days to go until she can be induced. She's constantly in my thoughts now. I have now been in the Quality department 3 days now. I have my first team meeting there today, and first calibration with the team tomorrow. It should be fun. I really think I'm going to like it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Baby Read's Big Day

Will she appear today? I honestly have my doubts, but for her mommy's sake, I am praying that she decides to show up when she is suppose to. If all else fails Genevieve, Rob said we have a heavy duty plunger and he's offering to help. He's off today and in 5 hours he could be there! I had my first day of my new job yesterday and I love it. I am working with a good bunch of people. The only disadvantage that I see so far is that it is business casual, so I can't wear my jeans and ball hat anymore. But, the pros definately outweigh the cons. I found out something very interesting last night that made me feel really good about this job. There were over 100 people that applied, 35 people interviewed, and only 3 hired! The other 2 people hired were floor support, and me. Not one person from customer care was hired. So, that means I beat out 32 other people for this job! YEAH FOR ME.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

One day to go!

Little Baby Read is due tomorrow, and her mommy is very antsy. I called Genevieve today for something totally un-baby related and the first words she said when she answered was "Hi, no baby yet". I remember those final few days, when the phone kept ringing and all you wanted to do was pull the damn thing out of the wall. I know that when she finally does decided to come out, we'll be near the top of the list for the phone call. AT ANY TIME OF DAY OR NIGHT ADAM. Even at 3am if that is when she decides to make her grand appearance. There are advantages of working in the profession I do. I called Rogers Wireless today because Rob hates his cell phone. I said the few "key" words that reps are trained to recognize "I want to cancel, when is my contract end date" known as "red flags" and was promptly transferred to "Customer Relations", otherwise known as the retention deparment. All providers have some form of this department, and since I have worked in that department I know what they are looking for. Yes, shameful I know, but effective. At the end of the call, Rob and I are both getting new Motorolla V220 Camera Phones, paying only for 1 of them. hehehe. We also went out last night and bought "Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies". It is a very interesting book. It looks like we may very well have "Koda" in June. I'll keep ya posted. Rob and Colby are going to drive me nuts until we get him, and truth be told I'm getting excited too.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Bonehead award goes to.....

Me. I'm the bonehead today. Rob and I went out in the car yesterday and as a force of habit I always take my keys with me when we go out, in case some freak thing should happen to his like they fall down a drain or something. I went out with mom and dad today to yard sales (got Colby a pair of rubber boots for .50) and didn't give much thought to the fact that I couldn't find my keys. When we got home, I realized that my keys were no where to be found. You guessed it, they were locked in the glove box of the car. Bonehead me left them in the glove box and we have no spare and Rob was at work. So, to my embarrasement, I had to call a tow truck to come open my car in my own driveway! I can only imagine what my neighbours think. The only good thing about it all is that the guy who came to open the car took 30 seconds to open the door and 5 minutes to get the thingie out of the door as it got tangled on the window track! It looked like a huge paperclip that they slide under the window and up the other side inside the car to pop the lock open. So I guess we share the bonehead award!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Nothing to do

Here I am in an empty house, which doesn't happen very often, and I have no idea what to do. I am so used to having someone here and thinking "What I would do just for an hour to myself". Now that I have that hour, I have absoutely no idea what to do. I don't want to waste it with mudane housework tasks, and I will just begin to enjoy a bath when everyone returns, so I would expect in 1 hour when everyone returns ( Rob is gone to the gym and Colby is gone for lunch with Dad, Rose and Maddison) I will still be here at the computer. It figures!

Thursday, May 19, 2005


I GOT THE JOB!!!!! I got the call tonight. I start officially Sunday, but since this job is Monday - Friday I have this Sunday off (I was scheduled to work it), and I'm off Monday since it's a holiday and since I'm on salary I get all stat holidays off. I start Tuesday! Quality department here I come! Oh, and Adam, yes, all the details need to be here!

Proud mom of a true little boy

Dad and I were sitting here this afternoon when Colby had, well, an itch. I wasn't really paying attention to be honest and next thing I know, his hand is down the back of his pants addressing this "itch", and suddenly, he takes his hand out and decides to smell it. Of course, the squished up nose face was next with the comment "Ew, my hand smells like poop!" I had a sudden flashback of a monkey in a tree. I think my dad is still laughing. I'm so proud. RIGHT!

Sunday, May 15, 2005


We went to Shubie Wild Life park today with Joel and Jayme and their little girl Abbie, and Joel's brother Reg, his wife Charmaine and their 3 kids. Reg is Big Reg from Taking It Off, if anyone has seen it. He really is a good guy. We had a lot of fun. Reg had his kids convinced that there was an exotic animal called the Fluffalo, a cross between a buffalo and something else. It was hilarious. For every picture they took, they yelled FLUFFALO! He is a great story teller. We went to a little place in Truro for lunch called Murphy's Fish & Chips. It was the best fish I have had since Betty's on Torbay Road in NL. It's worth the drive to Truro. I took almost 2 rolls of pics, which I will of course have back tomorrow. Reg took some with his camera which is digital so I'm hoping he will email me them back later tonight. We also had our 1st interactive session if you will with the Greyhound Society. We met Dick Waller and his wife tonight with their 2 greys. They are beautiful animals. Some things I learned that I didn't know. You have to leash them always outdoors, regardless of how long you have them, which makes sense. And they will not cross barriers. He said you could hang a string between 2 doorways and the dogs would not jump over it or go under it. Good to know. I must admit, I'm quite excited. We are hoping to get the dog for when we're on vacation in August. That way, we can spend the entire week home with him together. We have decided we want a male, though I can tell you there's enough testerone in this house as it is! Now that I thik of it, it may be nice to have a female so peeing would be "squat, not mark every tree in the neighbourhood". We'll see. She made a very good point as soon as we walked in. She said you have to be very careful opening the door when people walk in. She said a door bell and then an open door looks like a starting gate and the dog will naturally try to run out. And if it runs, I'll never catch it that's for damn sure!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Yardsale Saturday!

I love to go to yard sales on Saturday mornings. This morning was a great deal. I spent a total of 17.00 and I bought 5 pairs of shoes / sandals for Colby, a Spider man pull over, a new x-large mug for me (for hot chocolate), the book Where the Heart Is, a complete Fisher Price Golf set for Colby (the pieces fill a garbage bag), and, as you can see, a table top hockey game (which Poppy b0ught for him). He loves it as you can see! There are also other things that I bought but right now I can't remember. Mom came over to help me give my kitchen floor a good clean and she ended up helping me clean the entire house. My mom is amazing. My house has never been so clean. So, the days are very numbered for Baby Read, who I assume at this point still does not have a first name. Any suggestions? My top suggestions are: Faith, Meghan, Ashleigh, Victoria, Shelby, Abagail. I'll keep adding as I think of them. PICK A NAME DAMMIT!
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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

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Goodbye crickets!

In all the chaos in this house over the past couple of weeks I totally forgot to blog about mother's day. Rob and Colby made me a mother's day card of DeeDee Doodle. If you don't have a small child in your house, you do not know who she is. If you do or you have been to my house in the mornings, you're rolling your eyes. It's cute though. Colby signed his name. It's almost readable. He has an imaginary friend, well 2 actually. One is Deedee, but I don't consider her imaginary as she is a character on one of his favorite shows. His other friend is "Buddy", or more specifically, when he talks he talks about playing with his buddy. He plays basketball with his buddy, and more recently his buddy has been getting him in trouble. Today he was half in - half out of the computer chair (arms and upper torso through the side of the chair so his hands were on the floor, and his legs and feet on the chair) and he said that his buddy got him stuck there. I still haven't heard anything about Quality yet, though I did have an interview a week ago. I'm still hoping because my understanding is that they have not hired anyone yet. Kassie came last night and took the beardie tank, so I'm animal free except for the fish and Rob! It's nice not to hear the damn crickets!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Words of Advice

I received an email from Genevieve this afternoon stating that the baby is due in 16 days. Here is my response to her. I know that feeling. 16 days! I can't believe it. Take some free advice. In 16 days when you're ready to take her out youself with a pair of kitchen tongs, just remember these wise words from someone who has been there. Bumpy roads, chinese food and sex, even all at the same time, will NOT convince the child who is hanging on to your ribs for dear life to come out. Take my word on that. Tina.

The Saga continues

What a crazy week. I don't have much time to fill in all the details, my plans are to update everything tomorrow when I'm off. Let's just say Kassie is no longer here, she went back to the house. I'm soo dissapointed. It's her life, I can't tell her what to do. I just hate to see her making a huge mistake, and I feel that is what she's doing. She's very strong willed, and if she can make this work, more power to her. I spent 2 hours on the phone last night with Kristen due to a run in she had with Kassie because of what I believe are mis-truths that were told to Kassie. It's just not a good situation all the way around. Rob is furious, as is my dad. I can't be furious and I can't shut her out of my life because of this, but I can't support her going back there to him. Not after all that has happened. She says right now to me that she wants to keep the house, not go back to him, which is why she moved back there. Like I said, more power to her if she can keep the house with a houseful of roommates, but I can see in the very near future he will be back. Right now he is living elsewhere, but I know in my heart that he won't be out of there for long. And I can't just support her in that decision.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Well life is settling down here. I think Kassie's emotional roller coaster is finally levelling out. Right now she is in Amherst with BJ until the weekend, so I get to babysit the zoo. I had my interview for Quality on Monday and I feel that it went really well. Here's hoping. Colby freaked out again at the playgroup at the gym. I'm not going to take him back there anymore. I am now beginning to wonder if something happened with him and another child that no one saw, or if someone said something to him and unintentionally ( I hope) hurt his feelings and have made him uncomfortable. I don't know but it's not worth it for either of us. I"m not sure what I'm going to do about this, but I'll figure something out. All I know is that I'm not giving up the gym.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Well, it's been quite the past 48 hours. My sister and Anthony have been "coming to the end" of their relationship for a couple of months, and like most of us, when we are in a relationship for that long we tend to hang on longer than we should at the end. My sister came to spend the night with us Thursday, with the intention to say out here until today, to let them both evaluate to see if the relationship can be salvaged. Without going into details that would violate my sister's privacy, let's just say that to all of us on the outside it appeared the end was very clear. She went back Friday night because one of her cats was pregnant and had the kittens, with the intention to just stay the night with the new cat and kittens and come back Saturday. Well, again, without going into details which just really isn't my place to disclose, let's just say the end result was a call to me from her friend Kristen who stayed with her Friday night, which resulted in a call to Adam (because Rob was working) and now she lives here. It was an extremly difficult day on her, and I'm sure the next little while will be no picnic. But she's strong and she'll get through it. So now, at my residence is the following: Me, Rob, Colby, Kassie, Arnold, Mia, Mikko, Tequila, Corona, Ashton and 3 yet unnamed but very eat-em-up cute 2 day old kittens. We are setting up the former comuter room for her. I know last night was diffiult for her, she woke very puffy eyed and now she is sleeping in my bed, but she will soon realize that this is the perfect opportunity to finally live just for her, and not to have to take care of anyone but herself. The only issue I may have with her here is GOD DAMN CRICKETS! The bearded dragons eat crickets, and even though they are in a container that I know they can't get out of, they are very loud at night. I have een awake since 4 and Rob admitted that he had strange dreams about crickets all night. Hopefully when we get the room set up for her tonight they will be in there with her and we won't hear them as much. But, on a lighter note, I now have new subjects to photograph. The kittens literally fit in the palm of your hand. Rob had one in his hand last night and the baby rested his chin on the tip of Rob's finger. Be expecting many pictures on this blog! I have to go out and get some b/w film!