Saturday, April 28, 2007

Behchoko (Bay-cho-ko)

We will be living in Rae (Top)

We're Off to the Great White North!

OK, this post is for those of you who do not already know.. I have recently been offered a job with the Northwest Company. This an amazing opportunity that we just cannot pass up. I am going to be in training for about a year, after which I will receive my own store in a remote location in Canada...somewhere....Cold I presume. The Northwest stores carry everything for produce, to stereos, cribs, snowmobiles/ATVs and now trucks apparently(special order I would think). Their clientel are either Inuit or First Nations for the most part. This new job will allow Tina the luxury of being home while the kids grow up, no more worries about Childcare! They provide a house, a food allowance, and pay for the utilities and basic amenities that we will need. My last day with Winners will be May18th and we are planning on moving on the 31 of May or the 1st of June. We are moving to Fort Rae Northwest Territories. Fort Rae is a Dogrib First Nations community about 45 Min's to an hour outside of Yellowknife. Fort Rae, also known as Rae-Edzo and apparently has been renamed as of last year, thanks Brad, and is now known by it's Dogrib name Behchoko (Bay-cho-ko). There is a skating arena, swimming pool, approx 1900 population. Tina and I are very much looking forward to the isolation and slowing things down a bit and spending more time with the kids. We are going to miss all of you and we hope the you keep in touch. We will be keeping you all updated by posting regularly on the blog and there will be no stopping the pictures coming through. For those of you who read Mine and Adam's blog, I will be posting some Kick ass pictures that will blow away all of his, as he will be taking over East coast outdoors! Little Piece of Texas will be known as "Just below 63" as we will be just below the 63'rd Parallel. Northern Lights here we come!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter, Maple Sugar and Bad Aunt Kelly

I took yesterdya and today off work to get caught up on some sleep, and for details that will soon be discussed here at a later date. Not much to blog about, nothing that these pictures can't explain!
Look at all those teeth! His looks are changing yet again. He's definately Daddy's boy!

I love this picture of Colby. He's so beautiful when he smiles.

If I was really mean I would photoshop this picture with an arrow to the big red bump on his forehead. Aunt Kelly was playing with Joey and he threw himself forward and smashed his head on the floor.

At the Maple Sugar Outing with Stock Transport on the weekend.

I just love this picture. No reason why. Just caught these two talking. Probably planning on how they can push Rebecca in a puddle. They are SOO evil together!

Joey in Alan's Bumbo Chair.

10 seconds later when he realized he couldn't get out.

Poor Alan is cursed with Daddy's hair! At least he will never have to worry about going on Maury Povich for a DNA test to see if he's the Daddy! It's more like Mini Me from Austin Powers!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I need to quit work

Working is interfering with the rest of my life. I really didn't think it would be this difficult to be back, but it is. The hardest part I find right now is the little time that I am spending with Colby. I see him in the mornings, and admittedly this is not my best time of the day as I'm normally still exhausted, and then I see him when I pick him up from school. We get to chat a bit when I drive him to Timberlea where the boys spend a couple hours with Nicole and then I turn around and head to work. It's not much better with Joey because by the time I bring him back when we drive Colby to school he goes down for his nap and sleeps for the better part of 2-3 hours. So, he's up at 12, and by the time we get lunch and I get ready for work we're out the door. Am I whining? You're damn right I am. This really truly sucks. But, I should be lucky I have a job and I have great family support to look after the boys in the time between when I go to work and Rob comes homes (Nicole has then 2 days, Mom and Dad have them 2 days and Kassie has them 1). Oh well, now that I've totally depressed myself on a Sunday night..... Kassie is moving into her own apartment this weekend! It's a little 1 bedroom. I'm hoping to see it Tuesday and she moves in Friday. BJ, Kelly and Alan are coming down Thursday night and they want me to do family pictures for them. Hopefully the weather stays warm and we can do it outside. I am taking Colby to see the Globetrotters on Thursday at the Metro Centre. For anyone that knows Colby, he has always been obsessed with basketball, so this should be a really fun Colby-Mommy night. We're going to go for supper first, and then the game. I can't wait! Of course there will be lots of pictures!