Saturday, January 22, 2011

6 more sleeps!!!

Our vacation is quickly arriving. We have been making lists of things to remember, things for Kassie to know about the boys, things we need to buy, things we are going to do.... oh the lists are endless. I would be lying if I said I was not the slightest bit anxious, as this will be the longest that we will ever be away from the boys. I have been updating the laptop with all my photoshop programs and templates, and have lots of plans on how I will be spending my days. I have lots of templates that I want to complete, so when I get home I can expand my photography business with photoshop extras, such as wedding invitations (I've just been contracted to design an invitation for a wedding I will be photographing in August), graduation cards, etc. At least if I had the templates completed and printed, people could look through them and decide which one they want. I also spent the day restoring an old photograph of an elder here in town when she was a teenager. I really enjoyed doing it, and I think will be offering this service here in town as well. I started a "piggy bank" at christmas time for my dream camera (Currently the Canon 7D which retails in the area of $2000.00 with the new lens I want with it) and all the money I make from photography will be going in this bank. I have 2 weddings booked for this summer and both couples have asked if they could pay me in advance, so those 2 alone will be over 1/2 of the funds I need. Plus I have already been booked for one session on the day of the high school graduation so I'm hoping by the end of this summer I will have the camera. I have no real reason for upgrading, the camera I have more than suits my needs. It's just not fast enough. My current camera (Canon Xsi) only shoots 3 frames per second, and the 7d shoots 8 frames per second, so it obviously has a faster processor. And it looks cooler. And I want it. So the only way I can justify getting it is if I save all my extra money for it. I even sealed the bank closed with glue so I won't be tempted to dip into it.

One day my pretty, you will be mine.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our honeymoon.. 12 years late

When Rob and I got married, we were young and money was tight. We paid for the entire wedding ourselves, and as we were living in Newfoundland at the time we decided not to go on a honeymoon and went back to Nova Scotia for a visit. We always said that we would eventually take a vacation for just the two of us, but as we all know life gets in the way and this became less and less of a priority. Rob, as a manager of the Northern store, is required to attend a week long conference each year in Winnipeg along with every other manager in the Northwest Company. We talked after he got home last year that I would go with him this year, and after the conference take a few extra days and do a mini vacation for just us. Honestly I didn't know if this would happen, because well, things always have a way of coming up and changing plans. I am THRILLED to say I can finally share with you our travel plans, because flights have been booked, approval has been obtained for me from work and hotel rooms have been reserved. I will be going with Rob in 2 weeks (on the 28th) to Winnipeg for a week, and after that we will fly back to Saskatoon and drive to Edmonton. After that, we're heading here:
JASPER! I have never seen the Rocky mountains, and although we did talk about heading somewhere warm I thought it would be a shame to leave the country to sit on a beach when there is beautiful scenery pretty much in our backyard that we have never seen, and it's close enough that we can drive there in less than a day from Edmonton. After Jasper we will head back home, probably stopping somewhere halfway between there and here, so I can at least spend one day with my sister before she goes back. So in total we will be gone 2 weeks, and my sister will be coming up to stay with the boys. They are super excited to get her for 2 weeks all to themselves, and I know she feels the same.

Friday, January 07, 2011

To my best friend and the best wife in the whole world!
This is my 16th time celebrating my hunny's birthday and it still doesn't get old!
She is the very best Mother, Wife, Daughter and Friend a person could ever have!
We love you Tina and hope you have a great day!

Monday, January 03, 2011

1957 Chevy

It's amazing what you find in the back woods of the Northern Saskatchewan.

It's that time of year again

Ford tough, even on ice.
OMG he's on a crack in the ice.
Then of course I had to step on it and take a picture of my boot.
It's that time of year again. The time of year that we save 47kms on our trips out of town by travelling "as the crow flies". Of course, when we cross the ice we still all take off our seat belts, because let's face it, we ARE driving on frozen water.