Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Im wearing her down!

In the words of Steve Erkle, "I'm wearing you down!" I have been battling with Tina over the last 7 years of marriage about getting a dog. Always it's the same thing. Dogs suck, they stink, they're stupid yada yada yada... I have finally worn her down! After a long and grueling car ride together to NB last week, up came the topic of dogs, yet again. Almost immediately I got "THE LOOK". After a brief discussion, we ended up on the topic of Grey Hounds, no not the bus! We discussed the option of adopating a grey Hound. It's amazing how many people associate buses with the words Grey Hound. Now that I finally have at least a possibility of getting a dog, I wonder what I should work on next...I'm getting a new truck, by selling her car...hehehe...maybe a new motorcycle...or or or....a new table saw or something like that.. A tool of some sort, yeah! Thsi is my first time on the Blog, may be my last now.... oh well, Captain goes down with the ship! Imay not be able to get a dog now...wont have any room in the dog house....

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The grand finale

I think I have dragged this story out long enough. We had a fabulous time in NB, and one of the biggest highlights was when Genevieve and Adam asked Rob and I to be Baby Read's godparents. We are just thrilled that they asked us. We are now in the process of selling my Cavalier, as we are buying Adam's truck. He is buying a new one and offered to sell Rob his. We initially looked into getting rid of the Grand Am but we still owe too much money on it. Damn it all to hell. So, we are selling teh Cavalier and the money from that will pay Adam for the truck. It will be very convenient to have a truck again. I am off today and Colby and I have yet to get dressed. It is a jammies day. We ordered Shark Tale on PPV and watched it in my bed. Well, truth be told, he watched it, I snoozed. And, speaking of the Cavalier, it looks like the other week when it shut off on the highway we ran out of gas, because I haven't had a problem with it since. We also lost a member of our family to an unfortunate avalance accident. One of our swordtail fish died when a rock fell on him. He will be missed. Burial has taken place. In lieu of flowers, the fish community asks all donations be in the form of fish food.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

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You hold the bag and I'll guide it in!

Genevieve decided that as her parents are coming up for when the baby is born she wanted to get a wine kit on. Adam and Rob went out to get the kit and then came back and put it on right away. We were all sitting in the kitchen and I was playing with Adam's digital camera (it is amazing). Genevieve and I were chatting as I was playing with the camera and suddenly I heard from Adam "You hold the bag Rob and I'll guide it in". Well, you know I took to laughing and so did Genevieve. Of course, I had the camera still going and snapped the picture!

Just a little break from the story

We went to Gramma Jeannine's for supper tonight and Uncle Adam was there with us. Colby is absoutely adored in that house and he can do no wrong. Anyways, we were all at the dinner table and honestly I'm not sure how it started. (This story will truly be appreciated by anyone who knows Adam Hennigar). Adam said "Did I ever" and that is as far as he got. Me, with my big mouth, said "Yes Adam, I'm sure you did and I'm sure we have all heard it twice". If you know Adam, you'll be laughing right now. Needless to say, he laughed. And then told his story, that yes, we heard. (He in fact asked Rob if he had ever bbqed asparagus for him). Still makes me chuckle. Even his dad laughed. Hehe. Love you Adam!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Well hello there.... hmmmmmm

I could not resist putting that picture on my blog as I just love it. I'm sitting here, trying to think of the order of events. When Adam came home, we were sitting at the table talking. I turned around to say hello and he looked, well, different. I couldn't figure it out, and admittedly made a fool out of myself in the process. Adam is now sporting a full goatee and his hair is longer than I have seen it. So, out of my mouth came, "Hi, you look different, did you have a goatee before? you look.. well.,, hmmmmmm". There is just no way to recover from babbling such as this. Now that I think of it, he did in fact have a goatee the last time I saw him, but he is now wearing different glasses. From the outside, I'm sure it sounded like "Wow, Adam, you look goooood.. hmmmm (which would translate into "Well, Hello there, yummy!" This is NOT what I meant. I just can't say that about Adam. Not that he isn't a good looking man, he is, if you like the "pretty boy" look. And I can call him a "pretty boy", because Genevieve did. I'm going to stop now. Again looking to get myself in trouble. Moving on. To be continued.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

This is my beautiful pregnant friend Genevieve Posted by Hello

Gas station chicken and pesos

Here I am, at 10:30 pm sitting here thinking of the order of events from the past couple of days. We decided at the very last minute to go to NB because, well, I miss my friend. I really wanted to get up there and see them before she has the baby. The night before we left (which would be Monday) we took Colby to see Robots. Well, my advice to you, wait and rent it. It really wasn't worth the money. Even Colby got bored. On the way to the movies, my Cavalier shut off. I think that my gas gauge may be slightly off and we potentially ran out of gas as we were going up a hill. We managed to get off the highway and once it leveled out it started right up. We put a bit of gas in it and "knock on wood" it hasn't had a problem since. Though, truth be known it hasn't moved since Monday night and it's now almost Friday. we made it to Geneveieve's at about 4ish. She decided that for supper we would have "Gas station chicken". For those of you who don't know Genevieve, you have to picture a 7 month pregnant woman saying "Gaaaaaaasss (this is stretched out) station Chicken!!!". The chicken was delicious, easily the best chicken I have ever eaten. The gravy was second to none. It also came with what is called "dollars", which are in fact flat taters. Sort of a combo between a fry and a wedge. A fredge? A Why? Well, me being the smart ass I am, when Genevieve said "we want Dollars" I piped up, "No, we want pesos". You had to be there. Right now as she reads this there is a pregnant woman putting down a glass of orange juice (Baxters Orange juice thank you very much) with 2 ice cubes in it laughing and holding her belly. Hi Genevieve! Since Genevieve and the still un named Baby Read check this site daily, I will stretch out this story into a couple of blogs as she is off on vacation until Tuesday and needs something to read. This will encourage you to get high speed Genevieve! You could read more!
Stay tuned for "You hold the bag Rob, I'll guide it in", and "Adam, you look, well, hmmmmmmm", and "Guys, we need to talk to you about something".

Blogging from Amherst

Rob and BJ just went to play virtual golf and I thought I would just take a second to give Genevieve something to read. We are 1/2 way home from spending 2 days in NB with Genevieve and Adam, and of course the unnamed Baby Read. Lots of stories. Genevieve, please remember to email me the pictures I took with Adam's camera. Shocking to everyone who knows me I didn't take 1 picture with my camera! Though, as I sit here in BJ's freezing computer room (the window is open cooling off the home made bread he just made) I realize that I LOVE this keyboard he has. It is very flat and very comfortable to type on! More stories to come!

Monday, March 21, 2005

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Happy Vacation Days!

We are now officially on vacation. I spent the day yesterday with Kelly and BJ. We went to Partys R Us to see what we can get for wedding decorations, she got her cake topper and some other little stuff, we then went to Fabricville with a balloon the color of her decorations to get a piece of material for the girls to get a dress. She doesn't care too much about the dress except that they are all the same color. From there we went to Always and Forever to pick out the tux style and color for the ties. I am going to look into buying a tux for Colby as it will be cheaper than renting one. We have also decided to go to New Brunswick. It will be a quick trip up and back, but I really want to go. I haven't seen Genevieve in over a year. We talk all the time, thanks to this blog, but I want to see her before the baby is born. Rob built a closet organizer in our bedroom tonight. It is amazing. It will keep the closet soo much neater. I found a dress in my closet that I wore the year before I got married. it hasn't fit in soo long I forgot about it. Well, it fit!! I'm soo excited. There were safety pins in it (it buttons all the way down) over the buttons over my belly to keep it closed that I found when taking it off. Needless to say, they came out!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Sandra

Today is my buddy Sandra's birthday. Even though she does not have a computer (shock, yes, there are still people who do NOT have a computer at home) it wouldn't be right for me to not mention it. I was off work today because I actually attended an Avon Redefining Beauty Seminar (which I will blog about in a minute) and when the seminar was over I stopped into Mic Mac Mall to get her a Happy Birthday helium balloon so everyone in the centre will know it was her birthday, and a Mini Blueberry Cheesecake from Tim Hortons. (Highly recommended to anyone who likes cheesecake). She was surprised as it was my day off and didn't expect to see me there. Colby spent the day with BJ and Kelly and he absoutely loved it. They looked exhausted when I got here, it was quite funny. So yes, I went to an Avon seminar today. It was... well... interesting. The ancient Avon Ladies were there (you know them, smell like every avon product mixed together, pink blush in one thick line from corner of mouth to eyebrow, hot pink lipstick and blue hair) and there was a fair amount of women in my age group (Ahhh, I fit into THAT group now) and there were 3 of them who were under 25. One was very serious about it. I am the first to admit, I'm not super seriously into all the Avon skin care products. I sell it because I didn't know anyone in the centre who did, as the only one I did know quit. Though, if you want to know how to get rid of wrinkles or "water your skin", I'm your friendly Avon Rep! hehe. Colby said something really funny tonight. Rob had just finished helping me clean the kitchen and he wiped his wet hands on his pants. Colby went to climb up in his lap and said "Oh Daddy, you peed your pants!" I thought Rob really was going to from laughing! 4 more sleeps until vacation!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

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Madeline Meets Goliath

Sandra and I took the twins and Colby to Kassie's house on Friday to expose them to the "zoo". Madeline loved it. She was absoutely amazed with Goliath, the ball python snake. She also held the bearded dragon. Alex loved the fishtanks. Sandra didn't know which way to look. It was quite amusing. We had another "storm" here on Saturday. It was timed perfect for me. It started just after I got to work, and ended about an hour before I had to leave. There were very few people at the call centre, so it was a very quiet night. I have 3 new people putting Avon orders in this campaign. They approached me at work over the past couple of days. This is really taking off! Adam Read I believe is in town this week. Genevieve mentioned that he would be in town today and tomorrow. Hopefully he doesn't stop in tonight as we won't be here! I can't remember if they have a key to this place or not. I know we always intended to give them a key. If he does, I'm sure he'll come in and watch TV for a while. He'll be dissapointed that there's no beer in the fridge though!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Use your own name dammit!!!

I worked another day shift today. I am getting used to it. It is wonderful getting off at 5:30. We are having a book fair at work on Thursday and Friday, which yours truly will be helping run it on Thursday night. It is all for charity. I have brought in 3 boxes of books and am hoping to bring home at least a few. I was talking to Kelly the other night after surfing the web. I am trying to help them with wedding details. She was looking for a song for her and her dad to dance to. She has decided on "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder. That is one of the ones that I found, and one that I would have personally chosen if it was my wedding. Genevieve stated that Adam will be in town next Monday and Tuesday. Rob is off Monday night and I'm off Tuesday night, if he's reading this and wants to drop in. And, to the person who is leaving comments as Scrooge, you're starting to bug me! Use your real name dammit!!!!! *grin* , Oh, NCIS is coming on! Trying to decide if this is a repeat or not. Nope, haven't seen it! I LOVE this show! I also got 2 new people at work who want to buy Avon from me! I started selling avon last fall, as the woman who was selling it quit. Avon does truly sell itself. In the little time that I have been selling it, I now have over 20 regular customers who order from every campaign. Luckily I'm off this Friday so I can organize it!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Rob told me the other day after speaking with Genevieve that she said that I don't update my blog enough. Well, if people left COMMENTS letting me know they were reading it I would be inclined to type more! Ok, that was a little harsh. We moved the living room around, again. Well, it wasn't WE, it was ROB. He decided that he didn't like the room the way it was setup. We go through this about once a month. I'm afraid one day he's going to do this when I'm at work so when I come home in the dark to sit on the couch I'll end up in a fishtank. We also moved the computer to the livingroom, which is more convenient now that Colby knows how to play on the internet. He is now playing on pbskids.org and of course cbc.ca/kidscbc. I must admit, I do like this set up better as all I have to do is look to either the right or the left and see a fishtank. We have had a webcam since Christmas, and only last night did I find out that it can also take pictures. Rob had fun last night taking pictures of the fish. Anthony and Kassie are coming over tonight for supper and to hopefully hook up the Fluval Filter. The last time we attempted to do this we flooded the livingroom. (To be fair, part of the impellar was broke and we didn't know.) We will be putting it in a bucket before we set it up this time just to be safe!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Paranoid cars and dead batteries

On Tuesday, I was off for the day and since I was going a bit "shack wacky" we decided when Rob came home to go out for a while to walk around Wal-Mart. In the driveway, I asked Rob, "Which car do you want to take?" and he said "mine". So off we went in the Grand Am. The trip there was uneventful, but when we came out to go home, the car wouldn't start. Rob stated that the "security" light on the dash was on when he was driving home, but he didn't think anything of it because when he turned the car off and back on it went off (this has happened in the past). The security light was on and staying on, and the car wouldn't start. We called McPhee Pontiac to see if they had any advice. The guy in the service department said that "the car thinks it is being stolen which is why the security light is on", and "leave it off for 15 minutes to reset it". Well, as you can imagine, 15 minutes goes by and the car still doesn't start. At this point, I'm silently cursing the thing, wishing it would spontanously combust. So I called my dad to come get us and then a tow truck to take the freakin' car to Carroll Pontiac. Not quite the night out I wanted. As the tow truck was taking the car away, all I could hope for is for it to fall off the lift while somewhere on the highway and fall over a cliff. The next morning (yesterday morning) Rob took the cavalier to Carroll Pontiac to bring the key in and talk to them about the Car From Hell. About an hour after he came home, I decided since it was Wednesday I would take Colby to playgroup (we go every Wednesday). We get dressed to go out, and as I walked around the car (I'm in sneakers) I stepped in a snowdrift that went up past my shin. So, here I am, upset about how much the Grand Am is going to cost, carrying Colby since I didn't want him to get his shoes wet so we didn't have to change them at playgroup, and I have a wet foot. I got him strapped in, get around to the driver's side, grumble as I pull the seat forward since Rob was in it last (the joy of driving your own vehicle is NOT having to do such stuff), put the key in, and IT DOESN'T START!!!! (Please stop laughing, I'm not done yet. ) It seems that when Rob took the car out he left the lights on and drained my battery. (The lights in the Grand Am turn on and off automatically so to be fair to him he didn't know that my idiot dinger on the lights doesn't work). So, I get out of the car, SLAM the door, walk around to get Colby, step in the drift AGAIN with my OTHER foot (yes, now 2 wet feet), take Colby out, stomp back to the house, throw my keys in one direction, bag in another (no I didn't throw Colby thank you very much!) and tell Rob what happened. So, I call my dad to come over and boost the Cavalier. This led to the realization that the Cavalier needs a battery. At this point I'm ready to rip my hair out. So, we call Carroll, oh crap, there is a part that came before all this. Dad called in the morning (after Rob got back with the car and before I realized the battery was dead) and said he was talking to his boss who said that he had a Grand Am like ours who said that to clear the security feature you need to leave the car with the key in the "on" position for 15 minutes. We called Carroll to see if they would try that before they brought it in the shop. We called them to find that this worked. ALL WE NEEDED TO DO WAS LEAVE THE CAR WITH THE KEY IN THE ON POSITION FOR 15 MINUTES AND IT WOULD HAVE STARTED!!!!!!!! This is the fact that the guy at McPhee's failed to mention when he told us to leave the car off. Luckily, we have Roadside on our cell phones and it only cost 20.00. So the moral of this story is don't buy a car with the built in anti-theft system unless you know how to unlock it!