Friday, February 27, 2009

The dentist and the face dance

Rob and I had dentist appointments today, admittedly the first in a while. I had a great check up, no cavities (yeah for me) but Rob had to have one of his fillings fixed as part of it fell out. Here is the conversation that happened in the truck on the way home.

Him: So I never changing dentists. I have to tell you about my appointment.

Me: Oh really. Why is that?

Him: Well, do you remember the hygenist that was in the clinic? (Me nodding). We were chatting for a while about nothing in particular, and then we started the appointment. She reclined the chair back and I was just about to start watching the TV in the ceiling when I felt something rub against my arm. She had to lower the chair that I was on because she was short and her boobs rubbed up against my arm. She didn't notice so I didn't say anything in case I embarrased her.

(Yeah right I'm thinking! hehe. And honestly, what man is going to say "Excuse me, can you take your boobs off my arm?)

She was getting everything ready to start my filling, and when she leaned over me to start working on my tooth, her boobs were right in my face! She didn't seem to notice and I couldn't talk, so what was I to do? It was like a filling AND a face dance all in one! (He grins sheepishly)

At this point I'm laughing so hard I was in tears. I guess since we've been together for so long I saw the humour in all of this. And really, we just walked about paying almost 350.00 for dentist work, there should be an added bonus!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stolen from the preschool camera

I went to a great Parent's Night at work tonight and were taught how to make Lebay (I think that's how you spell it, it's pronounced Lee Bay). Essentially it is deep fried unrisen bread dough. It's heavy and yummy and .. well, did I mention yummy? But I'll get to that in a minute. I ended up coming home with the preschool camera in my pocket because I forgot to take mine (shock, yes I know) and found a few pictures on there that I hadn't seen. Like this one of Joey painting with his friends. I kept his painting and laminated it and it is now part of our placemat collection.

But this is why I brought home the preschool camera. We all were laughing and carrying on, and when I made a Lebay that looked like a pair of pants, well.... you can see what happened when a certain co-worker of mine cooked it, with a little "extra". I've haven't laughed that hard in a long time, and in true Tina fashion I had to take a picture of it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Boys in the cupboard

Our neighbours came over tonight for a fishfry. Rob was given a pickerel a month or so ago and and we finally cooked it today. Joey started playing in this cupboard yesterday and today took everything out of it and put it on the floor. I took the hint and moved everything out. Now in there is a pillow which Joey loves to play on. The boys were playing tonight and when they suddenly went quiet we went to investigate and this is what we found. They were there for at least 1/2 hour sitting in there talking with the door closed.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Five years ago today I started this blog. I've been looking through the past years of posting, and it's amazing how much of our lives is in here. We have met some amazing people through this blog, and have made some close friends. We also have been able to keep in touch with family and friends who are back East, with both our stories and pictures. I think we're going to celebrate in true style today by making a cake, or at least some cupcakes! Of course if we do, there will be pictures!

We also want to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Colby's buddy Robert in Newfoundland. He also turns 5 today, and rumor has it that his mom is making him a PokeBall cake. We can't wait to see the pictures!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Going on a sleighride

This week is Winter Break, and the school has been closed all week. Due to this, there have been many activities planned around town for the kids, a sleigh ride being one of them. Joe and I joined them for the first part of the ride, but it was too cold for him so we bailed out early (the ride was across the lake to the highschool and back). Colby of course stayed on for the whole thing. As always, the rest of the pictures can be seen HERE

The Eagle is back and Joe found the bottle

This is Colby's buddy Eagle. Eagle has been out of town for the last week due to some family issues and returned yesterday. I haven't seen to kids so happy to see each other! He spent the afternoon here at the house.

DISCLAIMER: For the record, we do not let our children play with alcohol. This is the first time Joe ever touched these bottles, as they were hidden in a cupboard I just happened to have the camera out, and in true Tina fashion, took pictures instead of taking the bottles. Looks like I need to find a new hiding spot a little higher!

"Hmm, so this is what Mommy puts in her "special coffee"

"Phew, this stuff is STRONG, but yummy"

"Seriously Mom, THIS is my new bed time bottle"


"Fine, I don't want to talk about it anymore. You may think you've won this round, but I *WILL* win the war! AHAHAHAHA"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing with goo

I took Colby and his friend to the dollar store yesterday for a drive and this is what they bought. Bottles of slime. It was the best .25 I've ever spent! To see the rest, click HERE

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blog share participants

This is the list of all the blogs involved in the blog share. I was hoping one of my northern friends would put this list on their blogs so I could cut and paste it instead of cutting it from my email and deleting a bunch of stuff, but no such luck. You poopy-heads better not have been waiting for me to do this so you could copy it! :)

Blog share post

For your reading pleasure... here is the anonymous blogger....

Dealing With Faulty Family Members

Nobody is perfect. At least nobody that's alive today. So it's normal to have weird family members and to have relationships that suffer as a result of faults and personality clashes. Still, it seems so much more difficult when the relationships are your own. I've been growing more and more frustrated with my relationship with my sister, we'll call her Mary, over the past few years. That's where this story begins.

I'm older than Mary by three years. We grew up fighting like cats and dogs. Most of the time it seemed that my mother took her side, or even started the fights by pointing out an injustice that had been overlooked by Mary. As we grew older, she and my mom grew really close. I felt pretty ostracized from the family. Things changed a lot when I finally moved out of the house. I got married a few months later and Mary was the maid of honor at my wedding. She was wonderful. I started to believe that our relationship was turning around. She was the perfect sister throughout the engagement and especially on the day of the wedding. While we were getting ready in the bridal room at the church, she hooked up a karaoke machine and we all took turns singing cheesy wedding songs. That memory will forever remain golden and perfect in my mind. My wedding coordinator finally came up there to tell us that we were being too loud and the guests who were arriving could hear us. We all giggled like school girls and proceeded with our hair and make-up. That day seemed like a magical beginning to happily ever after.

Things changed though as time went by. To be honest it took me about four years to see the changes. Apparently the fairytale magic was a short term offer. We rarely saw each other at first, because I'd moved to a new city shortly after my marriage. A couple of years later, she moved to the same city. I was elated. We could actually spend time together and be sisters! For the first six months that she lived in our area, I invited her over for dinner every Sunday night. She actually came over about once a month because she had such a busy study schedule. Once she invited me to come watch her play intramural football and Hubs and I went, with our newborn and shivered in the cold. We really tried to make the relationship work.

It seemed that every time I took a step closer to her, she pulled a step back. The bottom fell out a few months later. My husband was out of town for nine weeks for an on-the-job-training thing and the baby and I both got sick with the flu. When my fever spiked to 101.5, I called my sister and she came over to help. Now, to be quite honest, I was really awful that night. Chalk it up to being sick and being paranoid. But when she started to make a grilled cheese sandwich in the skillet on the stove and the dog was jumping at her feet and my baby was being held in just one arm, I sort of freaked out. I needed to rest, but I felt that I couldn't trust her. It was a disaster. The next day she sat down with me and basically told me not to ask for her help ever again. I took that to mean that I shouldn't count on her at all. Things got really rocky for us after that. We didn't speak much. Finally I asked her to have breakfast with me and she agreed. We went to a Waffle House on a Saturday morning and decided that we would never be best friends. I don't think it's in the cards for us. We'll be doing good to maintain a civil relationship at all. About a year later, her boyfriend proposed. She accepted and immediately assumed that I'd be the maid of honor. A few weeks later she told me that I would be doing the flowers for the wedding too. I told her that I'd be more than happy to do whatever she needed, but that I couldn't feasibly do both at the same time. She freaked out. I was told that I was not being supportive enough. She called our mom and they both agreed that I was not being a very good sister. Long story short, I was demoted to bridesmaid and told that mom would worry about the flowers.

So basically, they don't want me to do much of anything now that I've shown how "unsupportive" I'm going to be. The whole thing upsets me and my husband whenever we talk about it. I feel like I'm really fed up with the way she's treated me for the last few years. Yet, I can't shake the way that she selflessly undertook the role of maid of honor for my wedding. She truly did a fabulous job. Part of me feels that I should do everything in my power to make her day just as special, because she made mine so much fun. I need some advice from objective bystanders. How should I handle this and what would you do in this situation? Is it horrible of me to wish that I could just make the whole thing go away?

Mail call!

We got an abdundance of mail today, much to Colby's delight. Thanks to Nanny and Gramma Jeannine for the packages and cards! For the rest of the pictures, check out HERE

Blog share

I have again been asked to participate in a "blog share", where someone else leaves a post on the blog. I have also written a post that will be somewhere out there in the blog world. I have received the post, and will publish it later tonight, along with the list of all the blogs participating in this. There are quite a few blogs that I have not seen before on this list, so I'll have a good day or two of just reading!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The beginning of February break!

For Kara. These are the screens I was telling you about. They are both identical but I wanted to show how they attach to the headrest of the front seats. They can work either independently or together (which is how we do it), that way one movie shows on both screens. This is by far the best thing we ever bought, and makes the long rides to the city that much easier on the kids.

Notice the site that Joey is on. At this point, he is asking me for "numbers". This kid is just to damn smart. I'll be in big trouble the day he figures out what the numbers are.

This has been the house of the sick this week, starting last Sunday with Joe. He was up all night sick and it has been on and off all week. I missed 2.5 days of work this week home with him, and even had him at the clinic on Friday. The only thing he was able to keep down was PowerAde, which we bought a lot of this week. We had his electrolytes checked on Friday, and he went through the blood test like a trooper. He seems to be finally on the mend and has been eating the past 2 days. For more pictures of the boys, click HERE and HERE.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An update (in pictures of course)!

My little helper. Joey loves home made bread, and loves to help me make it. I remember doing this with my mom so I just love this.

Today is the 100th school day this year here in Saskatchewan. To celebrate, all the kids were asked to bring in 100 of something. Of course my son Mr. Smarty Pants not only brought in 100 pieces of lego, he actually built the number 100 out of them, with a little help from Dad.

We were in Saskatoon last week with the boys and while waiting for Rob to finish with an appointment he had I took the boys to the "Fun Factory", a jewel of a place my friend Sasha told me about. We were there almost 3 hours and the boys loved it. You can see the rest of the pictures HERE

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Here fishy fishy!

The rest of the pictures are HERE (link is fixed, more pictures here)

We took the boys out on the lake today as there was a fishing derby today. It was initially a little unnerving parking on the ice and walking around, but I quickly got over it and had some real fun with the boys. At one point Rob had the camera and took some great shots of the shoreline, and me playing with the boys.

Friday, February 06, 2009

25 Random things about Rob

Couldn't have one without the other, now could we? Alright Adam, it's your turn now!!!

1. I recently took up archery

2. I have lost 40 lbs since the summer

3. I only have ONE wife and she never lets me forget it

4. I lied, apparently I have a WORK wife who is my 2IC in the store, she nags as much as #1 ;)

5. My friends always ask me where I found Tina and if there were any more like her.

6. My wife is my best friend, sorry Adam, you are #2 in the friend category...

7. I let people take advantage of my easy going nature, WAY TOO OFTEN...

8. My boys are my second and third loves of life, TINA being #1

9. I take WAY better night pictures than TINA because I don't want to show her how in fear she may steal my thunder as she is a WAY better photographer, I just get lucky...

10. I am currently attempting to Follow my Dream and we will leave it at that for now!

11. I have never been as close to anyone than I am with Tina.

12. I feel closer to my parents now than I did when I was only 20 minutes away from them.

13. My butt hurts from running, just thought you should know...

14. Hunting and Fishing are my 2 favorite passtimes.

15. I recently had Laser Eye Surgery...LOVING IT!

16. I once said that I would NEVER own another FORD...I wonder what happened.

17. I am the store Manager of the "Northern" Store here in Ile a la Crosse and I love it.

18. I am not planning on working in the BIG city any time soon.

19. I am NOT planning on working in retail/Grocery for the rest of my career if I can help it!

20. I have recently had the desire to learn to fly airplanes. I don't know why because I am afraid of heights.

21. I have always wanted to try sky diving, I don't know why...same as me crazy

22. I love to ride a motorcycle, it is very relaxing.

23. I SOLD my motorcycle to buy a used QUAD and Tina's FIRST digital SLR camera!

24. TINA sold her CAR so I could buy a truck.

25. I can't wait to get back to NS to see my family again. Once a year just doesn't seem enough after Tina lost her Dad a little over a year ago.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 Random things about me

I've been tagged a few times and I have finally caved to the pressure.

1.) I've been married for almost 11 years, and been with Rob for over 13 years.

2.) I've lived in 4 provinces, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan.

3.) I'm a certified Physiotherapy Assistant but haven't worked in physiotherapy in 10 years.

4.) The vehicle I am now driving is the first automatic I have driven in 10 years.

5.) Some of my closest friends are bloggers that I have never met in person.

6.) I first realized I wanted to take pictures when I bought a camera with my dad and bought a zoom lens to go with it.

7.) I had a home typing business for 3 years.

8.) I worked nights/ backshift at the same time I ran my typing business.

9.) I sometimes wonder how I was lucky enough to find my soul mate so early in my life.

10.) There are times that I still can't believe my dad is gone.

11.) I want to make a t-shirt that says "I'm gonna blog that"

12.) I have had the honor of reading and helping to edit Tawny's novel, and can't wait to see it in print.

13.) I'm insanely jealous of Sasha's photography skills.

14.) Photoshop scares me to death.

15.) I'm addicted to buying shoes and purses.

16.) I'm more in love with Rob now than I was was when I married him, if that is even possible.

17.) I can't imagine ever living in a big city again after living where we are.

18.) I would love to build a house and stay in Ile a la Crosse, but I know that is not possible.

19.) I work at a preschool because it was the only job I could find, and now I don't want to give it up.

20.) I have 2 of the smartest children I've ever met

.21.) I'm addicted to Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series, and think of the main characters as real people.

22.) I have two husbands, and love them both fiercely in my own way.

23.) I have 2 of the smartest children I've ever met.

24.) I'm pissed Rob takes better night / long exposure pictures than I do.

25.) I can't wait to learn to bow hunt so I can hunt turkeys.

Monday, February 02, 2009

My 6 drinks

I read Tawny's blog the other day and she did a post summarizing her life in 6 drinks. There is a "note" circulating around facebook about "25 random things", but I'll save that for another post.

My 6 drinks.

1.) When I think of my childhood drink, it would have to be Crosby's Orange Tang Crystals. Even as I type this I can feel the tingle of the after taste of the juice, and the smell of the puff of cloud that floats up when you pour the crystals into the water.

2.) The next drink that comes to mind is tea. More specifically, tea with milk and sugar. This was a morning routine with my dad, dipping toast slices into tea. To this day I still do this.

3.) Coffee. This started in high school as a coffee in the morning before class, and has escalated to the morning habit it is today. I have tried Star Bucks and Second Cup, and did not like either of them. Tim Horton`s will always be first in my heart, with McDonald`s coffee a very close second.

4.) Kaluha. This is a drink that was first introduce to me after high school. It brings back fond memories of driving around with my friend Sarah Taylor in her very old and tempermental Honda Civic, and walking around at parties not knowing anyone and carrying around a 1L of milk mixed with kaluha. As I grew older, this became a favorite drink with Genevieve and I, and later still as the secret ingredient in "mommy's special coffee".

5. Mimosas. This is a christmas morning tradition with Rob and I. Nothing better than champagne and orange juice on an empty belly while watching hyper children open presents.

6.) Rum. Since moving to the North, I have acquired a taste for rum, whether it's mixed in coke or added to fruit smoothies on a warm summer's night.

And, as always, I challenge you to do your own list. I can't wait to see who does this one!