Sunday, September 08, 2013

Happy birthday Sonic

Among For anyone who knows Joey, he has a vivid imagination. He decided yesterday that it would be Sonic the Hedgehog's birthday. In true fashion I jumped on that train with both feet and ran with him. 

All of Sonic's friends were invited and they all brought gifts. 

We went to the superstore here in sackville and the most amazing woman named Lisa in the bakery decorated a cake for us. She was slightly taken back when I said the cake was for his stuffed animal but quickly jumped on board the crazy train with us. 

Joe was very excited to see what was in each gift and then talked to Sonic about it. The greatest part of all of this is that he wrapped all the gifts. 

Sonic received Joe's DS and my IPad as gifts. He then took the time to show Sonic all the apps on it. Then we cut the cake and everyone including Sonic had a piece. My kid really is amazing. 

Monday, September 02, 2013

The night before school started.....

I am a mental mess and they don't even go to school for another 2 days. This will be the first time the boys will be in separate schools. Colby is going into junior high and French emmersion. They have always been in the same school and more importantly been on the same bus. They will be getting home at different times, and luckily Colby will be getting home first. After the first few days I am sure it will be fine but right now the thought of joe on his own makes me weepy.