Friday, April 29, 2005


From the impression of Adam's last comment, my soon to be god daughter finally has a name. My suggestion when we left NB is that when A&G finally decided on a name to keep in secret. Some people can be very opinionated! I really don't want to know her name, well, ok damned I do, but I'm just glad that she has a name that both her parents love. I'm sure it is as beautiful as she will be. I applied for another position at work a couple weeks ago. It is for Quality Monitor. Basically, I would be the person who is "lurking" behind all the calls, secretly listening and monitoring the call to assure that it meets up to proper expectations. When it boils down to it, I would not have to talk to anyone at work, just listen and mark calls. THAT WOULD BE WONDERFUL! Regardless of what mood I'm in, I could just walk in, go to the quality room, put on a headset and block the world out for 8 hours a day. After 6 years of working with cranky Americans and now more recently coaching representatives face to face, a break from all of that would be absoutely wonderful. The bonus: Monday - Friday only, NO WEEKENDS, still the night shift that I need, and, are ya ready for this?! SALARY! I have never worked a salary job. And since in my department we are not authorized to work any overtime, salary would be a wonderful thing! The only possible downfall is that the base salary is less than what I make now. As long as they can match my pay, I'm there baby! I have an interview on Monday. Rob is going to help coach me on the interview process, since it has been a long time since I have been on an interview. It is BBI, or Behavioral Based Interviewing, which is right up Rob's alley. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Yummy workouts!

Wow, I'm loving all the comments on the blog! I took Colby to the gym and he freaked out. Again. I don't know what I'm going to do with him. Though, I am thoroughly enjoying the gym. The other day when I was there who walked in but the Sons of Maxwell. For those who may not know (shame on you!) they are a local band who are YUMMY! They have great music too! I enjoyed working out and watching them work out at the same time! So, I have to know Adam and Genevieve, does my god daughter have a name yet?

Monday, April 25, 2005


I just came back from the gym, my workout cut short because Colby became very upset in the daycare and Gina had to come get me. The reason? He wanted to go home. He has done this with Rob the past couple times that Rob has taken him at night, and we thought it was because there were very few kids at night. Today that theory was blown straight to hell. The only thing I can think of that was different is (a) Stacey was not there as she is in England, and (b) when I went in the other woman that was working there mentioned to me that Colby got really upset the last time that he was there in the evening. Gina seems to think that this may be what triggered him. I must admit, it is very dissapointing, but what do you do? We came home and had a long talk about it, after he had some "quiet time" in his room. I can't help but think if this is the way he is now, and he is 3 1/2, what is he going to be like when I put in him pre-school in the fall? In other news, we still have not had any serious inquiries about the Cavalier. I had 1 phone call but the guy never called back. Rob, I think you may have to put it back in the Bargin Hunter again. And Adam, to answer your question, I have vacation in June, not July, and yes, I am still hoping to make it up for a day or 2 with Colby. Rob is not on vacation then so I'm thinking Colby and I will jump in the car and come up. We'll see. Genevieve, how are you holding up? You must not have many working days left at this point.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

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Suck it up Buttercup!

Rob and I started the gym this week. We joined Nu Body's and I started the weights on Friday. I have never been in so much pain in my life. My left shoulder is killing me. I'm going back tomorrow to try and work it out. I do enjoy it. The best part is that the daycare is run by Tawny's mom, and her sister Stacey works there also. Who better to leave my son with than my "other mother"? Colby loves it in there. He is not as comfortable in the evening when Rob takes him, as there are not as many kids. I took Colby to see The Atlantic Film Festival's Kids CBC presentation yesterday at Empire Theatres. Mark from Kids CBC was there, and they showed shows from the morning program. It was free and not bad. Colby was amazed. He was very taken with Mark, who is from NL. At one point, Mark invited the kids to come up on stage with him to dance to kids song, and surprisingly Colby jumped right up there! He went right to Mark and gave him a big hug. We met up with Mark outside in the lobby and he walked right up to him again, thanked him for coming, and gave him another big hug! Mark is coming back to Halifax in May for the Family Expo and I think I'll take him. At the moment, I was watching a documentary on Pompeii and just offered to change the channel for Colby. I was promptly told "No mommy, I want to see what happens with the volanco!" My kid is just too smart.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

this is for you Brad!

We have received emails over the past couple of days from Brad in NWT. He is a faithful reader of this blog and wanted to know what was happening with Dad's car. I emailed him back and advised him that no answers will be provided about the blog UNLESS YOU LEAVE COMMENTS! Brad, to answer your question, we have not heard the outcome of the car situation. Dad is coming over this afternoon to help Rob with the bike. I'll get an update for you then!


Well, I decided that it was time that I increase Colby's testosterone level a little more...I took him fishing! Well, I have to say, he did a great job. Water is still too cold, two more weeks and he should be having fun! He has been casting his line out on his own, it's not going far but at least he's trying and not losing interest. Going to take him bass fishing and see how he likes it. Had the canoe in the water last week, I finally have a life jacket that fits him so it should be interesting to see how he likes the canoe, gonna have to try it soon. I bought him a scooby Doo rod last year and it works surprisingly well, casts just as far as mine, I might just paint it and use it as a brook rod for myself. Or, I could by myself a new rod and continue to let him use his....gonna have to give that some more thought..... Have to replace the thermostat in the Grand Am, only one problem....WHERE THE HELL DOES IT GO??!! I have no idea where it is under the hood. I hear that it is a bitch to do, I guess that's why the part is only $10. Go figure! Now the car needs a ball joint as Tina mentioned, needs a rear strut mount, and more than likely, new front brakes again.... keep telling myself, one more year...just one more year..... Well, Iam being yelled at to be married! Ball and chain is beckoning..later.....

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI

Today the new pope was voted in. I admit, I am not a practicing catholic, but do believe somewhat in my religion. With that being said, I was glued to the television for the past couple of hours as they were electing the new pope. I watched the white smoke come out and the mass confusion of "Is it really white? Why aren't the bells ringing? The bells that we here in the backround, is that them?" It was confusing. But, there was no confusion with the Bells in St. Peters rang. The part that confuses me / surprises me is that he is 78 years old and pope Benedict 15th had the shortest reign as pope of all time. Interesting.... In other car news, I took the Grand Am to get the safety, and it FAILED for the first time ever. We have to replace the ball joint on the driver's side. Rob gets the truck safety by the end of this month also (next week, AHH, April is over!). Here's hoping that one passes! We should hopefully have the bike back on the road soon too. More vehicles in this house than there are people! Colby really needs to learn how to drive!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Well as Tina has already mentioned, I gots a new truck. Not a big deal to most of you. Those of you who have trucks, know how handy it is to have one. Those of you who have a 4X4 truck, know what it means to have one! Colby Adam and I went mudding the other day. What a fun time! Colby thought it was the greatest thing in the world! He was asking me what we were doing and I was telling him that we were spraying mudd all over Uncle Adam's new truck! He was excited going through the mud, kept asking when we could put it into FWD. I told him that we only do that when we get stuck. So of course, what do I do??? I get STUCK with a capitol UCK! I was in Mudd right up to the floor boards. I was not quite high enough. Adam pulled up in his brand new chevy silerado crew cab 4x4 and hooked up to my bumper to pull us out. There was a solid sheet of mudd covering all 4 tires, no tread showing and I had things growing out of the frame of the truck. By the time I got out onto the road, lets just say there wasn't much mudd left in the field, all on the truck. What a blast. So, now all Colby wants to do is go for drives in the truck so we can get stuck. He wants to drive and put it into FWD. I'M SO PROUD!!!
Till the next time........ Here's MUDD in your eye!
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What a day!

This was an interesting day to say the least. Colby got up and threw up all over the kitchen. Then, of course being sick, he didn't want to get down out of my arms all morning. Not that I mind, but 33lbs is a lot to carry around. We went out with Dad this afternoon to Dartmouth so I could stock up on some meats. (There is a great discount meat market in Dartmouth called the Gateway). Colby wouldn't walk, so Dad and I took turns carrying him, admittedly Dad did most of the carrying. We were both a little distracted by Mr. Sickie so when dad backed up to leave the parking lot, we backed into another car that was leaving the parking lot. Now, Dad jumped right out to assess the damage, which admittedly was very little. She stated that her bumper had been pushed out (it was bowed slightly) and then started to blame marks on her bumper happened as a result of this also. These were smudges that were not the same color as Dad's car and they wiped away when he touched them. They of course switched insurance papers. I had a bad feeling about all of this, seeing her car was approximately 1994-97 Corsica. Admittedly, in rough shape. Mom gets a call shortly after Dad goes to work from this woman who stated that she took her car to MacPhee Pontiac (of all places) and had an estimate of almost 400.00 and wanted to know if Dad wanted to pay for this out of his pocket and not go through the insurance. WTF???????!!!!! 400.00! The car isn't worth that! Dad of course being Dad called her back and laughed at her. There is nothing I hate more than people trying to take advantage of a situation. Dad told her flat out that he wouldn't pay and would wait to see what the insurance company says. I always though that in a parking lot it was 50/50. Dad and I are going over to MacPhee's in the morning to see the estimate. God help the adjuster who wrote this up. He's playing Dad's game now. I told Dad to take a picture of the damage to his car, as it may in fact alter the aerodynamics and gas consumption of his car. He may want to take it to MacPhee Pontiac also and get an estimate. This will make more sense when Dad emails me the picture of the back of his car so you can see the damage. Fuddermuckers!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Close the blinds!

We went to Rob's cousin Lynn's house last night as Lynn's sister, Rob's cousin Andrea, is in town from North Carolina. It was great to see her. We now have the truck and are loving it. There was an issue getting an anchor for the carseat put in. O'Regans was going to charge me for it as they stated that it was "policy and procedure" of Chevrolet that they would only put an anchor in for free if there was never one in the vehicle within the first 10 years. The truck is 11 years old. I called another Chev dealership in the city and they told me that they have never heard of such policy. So, I spoke with the manager of the service department and since he could not produce such policy I walked out with all my money still in my wallet. Don' t talk policy and procedure with me and not be able to back it up! I do that 8 hours a day! With Americans! HA! Colby absoutely loves riding in the truck. He is upfront and able to see everything. The boys (all the boys, Rob, Colby and Adam) went off roading yesterday. Boys and their toys. Rob and Adam are now gone fishing. The guy that lives next door to us has a very large screen TV right in front of his side window, which can be seen perfectly from my diningroom table, since that is where our patio door is. You really can't help but see this thing at night as they never completly close their blinds. Well, I came home from work the other night, glanced through (again, you can't help but not look when there is a monster TV there) and what do I see but a very large pair of BOOBS! He was watching porn! YUCK! And of course, like a bad car accident or something really gross, I found myself standing there thinking YUCK! Man, watch all the porn you want, I really don't care, but CLOSE THE DAMN BLINDS! Needless to say I try not to look in that direction at night anymore!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Lovin' the Fluval!

Kassie and Anthony came out the other night to set up the Fluval. A Fluval is a very high end filter that sits on the floor beside the tank. We put it on the hex tank. The water looks clean enough to drink! I want another one now for the 25 gallon! I'm sure drinking water is not as pure as the water in the community tank!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Wanna try something

On a serious note

This has been a very heavy couple of days for me. Normally I don't watch a lot of the news, because it's so depressing. I found myself caught up in the Terry Schiavo battle, and even following a daily website on her ( and was really upset by the entire thing. I do see both sides of it, but the woman had a heart attack in 1990 and has not improved in the past 15 years. I can certainly sympathize with her husband. I wouldn't want Rob to live like that, and I know he would not want to live like that. I just think how they did it was wrong and inhumane. They literally starved that woman to death. I don't care who you are, that is just not right. You treat animals with more respect than that. If an animal is suffering it is put down. I simple needle and it goes to sleep. You don't deprive it of food and water until it dies. That woman lived 14 days without food or water. It's just not right. I have also intently been watching the Pope's condition. I am catholic, admittedly not an active going to church catholic, but still catholic none the less. The poor man has been suffering for years with Parkinson's disease, and it is very obvious with the clips that the news has been showing. Honestly, part of my obsession if you will with the Pope's condition is because I read "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown. He is the same man who wrote "The Di Vinci Code". If you haven't read "Angels and Demons", now of all times is the perfect time to read it. Even though I have never met or even saw the Pope, in his 26 years as Pope he has been quite active. I was watching Canada AM this morning and there were 3 people on there that were at the Youth Day in 2002 where they met the pope, and one of them said "It's like watching a family member die". That is how I feel. Everytime I went into Tawny's mother's house I saw a plate that Gina has in the livingroom of the Pope. Since I spent a lot of time in that house in highschool, many things of that house have been burned in my memory, and that is the biggest one. I'm not sure why, but when I walk into her livingroom it's the first thing I see. Maybe Terri is waiting at the pearly gates for him, 2 souls who have been suffering for so long to be finally free. That's what I hope.