Sunday, April 30, 2006

11 more days!

Had my appointment at the Grace on Friday. Everything is still fine, no sign of the baby coming early. I'm still hoping for him to come out on his own, but I have a sneaky suspicion you'll see Rob and I driving into the Grace on the morning of the 11th for my c-section. Poor Colby keeps asking "Is this the day that Joey comes out?" I wish I could say yes, but I can't. He is still really active.

I spent the day with Nicole yesterday helping out with what I could as she moved into her new house yesterday. Colby had fun playing with the girls. We were out a little later than any of us expected (we got home with a sleeping Colby at 10:30) but she's in and it was worth it. A hot bath did the trick for me and I was out cold for the night. Colby didn't wake until 9:15 this morning, which is extremly unusal for him, but nice for me.

We have everything ready now for the baby now, including a clip for the soother and bath wash, lotion, zinc oxide cream and gripe water. I have more than enough clothes, puke sheets, and even 2 cans of formula. All we have to do now is move the cradle to the bedroom and put the base of the carseat in the car, which will be done next weekend.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Week 38

Getting very uncomfortable now. Didn't think I could grow bigger but somehow I have. My bellybutton is starting to pop out, which in combination with just looking gross is very tender. The recliner and I are becoming great friends, spending many hours together, both day and night. 13 days before my c-section but I am still hoping to go early. I have an appointment at the Grace this afternoon at 2 so we'll see how this goes. Contractions are getting more frequent and stronger, but unfortunately not equaling out to anything. GRRR!

Monday, April 24, 2006

17 days

Yep, the countdown is on. Actually, it's technically 16 days and 7 hours, but I'm not going to get that technical yet. I'm updating Avon on a daily basis just in case I need someone to submit the order for me if I'm in the hospital. My bag is packed, and I'm going to pack a bag for Colby in case something happens in the middle of the night and we have to quickly drop him off somewhere.

My maternity benefits begin (hopefully) as of tomorrow so I am no longer mooching off Rob and will be again bringing in money. What a horrible feeling to not having a paycheck!

Colby and I sorted through the micro machines and dinkies today that have been all over the livingroom. We lowered it down to a small container that holds both dinkies and micro machines, and the rest have been put away. We also cleaned out his toys in his room last week and got rid of a huge bag of toys through Freecycle. I love that site! I also received a full large can of Similac from a woman in Cole Harbor via Freecycle, and signed up for the Welcome Addition Club through Similiac. This means I will receive a small diaper bag, a full can of formula plus coupons. COINCIDENTLY, my mom and my friend Sandra will be receiving the same welcome package, and of COURSE they'll be giving it to me. *grin*

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Great news!

The Grace called me on Friday to see if I could change my check up appointment for next week. I asked them on a whim if there was any chance that I could move up the date to my c-section by a week to have it on the due date because I am getting really uncomfortable. Well, my doctor called me back an hour later and told me that normally this could not be done, but since there was a cancellation on May 11th, he moved me up! So, as of today, I have a MAXIMUM of 18 days left pregnant!! WOO HOO!

Friday, April 21, 2006

I've created a monster!

As most people who know me know, I have been selling Avon now for over a year. I waited yesterday for the entire day for it to be delivered and it did not shw up until 8:30 last night. Colby was more excited that I was, and immediately started to rip open the boxes and put the stuff on the coffee table to be sorted.

This is what 500.00 worth of Avon products look like.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Week 37

A maximum of 4 weeks from right now my 2nd little boy will be here. If I end up going for a section on May 18th, by this time of day I should be well back in my room and staring at my boy. Hopefully, exactly 4 weeks from right now, we will be home, he will be at least 1-2 weeks old, and I will be posting new pictures of him, and waiting for the Di Vinci Code, which will be coming out the next day. I finished the book (Again), and now Kassie has it.

Kassie has FINALLY updated her blog and as I type this she is trying to post pictures of her zoo on there. It's worth a peek.

I feel like I am coming down the flu, again. I woke up this morning and my throat was killing me and I'm all stuffed up. No time for this!

JoAnn and Barry came over the other night. Barry helped Rob take the head of the motorcycle to take in to get "fixed" so we can get that thing back on the road. After that, they came in and decided to tie flies. Colby decided he wanted to help and Barry was more than happy to help him tie his first fly! I forgot to ask Barry to leave it so I could put it in his book.

I replied to a post on Freecycle last week for Micro Machines. Well, needless to say I got them and Colby is thrilled! It turned out to be a crapload more than I ever thought, but he has not put them down since Tuesday so I guess it was a good thing!

Monday, April 17, 2006

No easter baby in the Schwartz house

Well, my goal of having an easter baby didn't work. Little bugger is just too darn comfortable in there. Went to Frenchy's with mom today and she bought a huge bag of clothes for him. They're in the washer right now. All Tina Approved. Genevieve told me the other night that I can post pictures of Adelle on here! She's going to regret that!

These are the pictures that we took of Colby and Adelle last weekend when we met up with them in Truro. Colby spent most of his time standing right where he is in these pictures!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Yes, the easter bunny found us. Colby initially woke at 1:30, extremly excited that the Easter Bunny left chocolates on his bed. Luckily, he went back to sleep and did not eat them. He woke again at 6:45 and up we were. This was the best Easter with him yet! I can just imagine what Christmas is going to be like!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Week 36

I don't think it's physically possible for me to get any bigger with spontaneously exploding. We went to the dr's this morning who "guestimated" the baby's weight to be about 6.5lbs. At this rate, he figures the baby will be pushing or over 9lbs if he goes full term. With that being said, this was delivered to the baby this morning.








My little man

This was taken this morning. Colby is very proud of his spikes and had to wear them to school. I'm going to have to pick him up some gel to keep them in place! I also noticed that my comments, which were coming in abundance, have stopped. If there is a problem leaving comments, can someone email me please?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter Eggs and Fishin' with Daddy

Yesterday at preschool Colby decorated eggs for easter. Unfortunately both eggs took a bounce off the floor, but luckily they both had a very long bath in hot water before being painted! The top picture Colby took, because he wanted to have "a picture of Joey holding his eggs". Yesterday after preschool we decided to take Colby fishing for the first time this year. The water was cold and the fish were not biting, but he had a great time! I went along and sat in the truck, and of course had the camera! Thankfully we have rechargable batteries

Monday, April 10, 2006

More pictures!

We took Colby to Dad's arena to play on his bike. Of course, he was very quick to try and climb the snowbank!

Too much like his father and Uncle! Can't keep the wheels on the road, must attempt to climb something! At least he didn't flip it!

He took a bit of a spill on the way to the truck. I think he scared himself (and me) more than anything. He was not impressed that I quickly pulled out the camera!

Couldn't help but post these!

I love my boys!

Genevieve's famous potatoes

Oh gracious my life is slowing down and getting boring. I was out today and HAD to be back by 3 because I wanted to know what was on Oprah. I also saw a commercial for the news and one of their main topics is "blogging". Must watch that! Kelly called today. She found out that she's 14 weeks. Her time is going to fly! I was talking to Rob today about what we were going to have for supper (I'm still enjoying being able to all eat supper together as a family) and we have salmon out. I couldn't decide what to have with the salmon, and when we were talking we both mentioned "Genevieve's potatoes". So, I'm attempting them. I'm sure they won't be as good as hers, but it hopefully will be a close second!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Uncle Adam's First time babysitting!

Well, if you can call 15 minutes babysitting, we finally roped in Adam to do it. My friend Sandra had an empty house last night (her husband and twins were gone for the night) so I went down with her. Rob called Adam and he came out to do "guy stuff", flying tieing our something equally as foolish. Rob had loaded the 4x4 in the back of the truck so I couldn't drive it and I was not all that comfortable and didn't want to drive the car. So, I asked in general if one of them could drive me down to Sandra's, which is a 15 minute round trip. Adam was bbqing his supper so Rob drove me down in his truck, leaving Colby here with him. Adam's truck is much too high for me to get into, so I'm sure from the outside world it was quite funny. (For those of you who don't know, Adam drives a 2001 Silverado). I had a great time at Sandra's. We sat around and did a whole lot of nothing for 5 hours. It was nice to just sit and relax. BJ and Kelly showed up today with their new car. A 2005 Kia Rio. Very cute little car. Silver. I like it. I have the hospital bag almost packed. Ordered a few things from Avon (travel shower gel which is a great shampoo, chap stick and deoderant) and also ordered part of Adelle's birthday present. It's been a productive weekend so far. Rob finally finished putting the varathane on the pine in the bathroom so it's almost done! Joey's room is still not done, but he won't be in there for a couple of months anyways so I'm not too concerned.

Friday, April 07, 2006

35 Weeks Yesterday

I can't believe how fast this time is flying. After being tormented by Rob, I have almost completely packed a bag for the hospital. I have some clothes packed for me, and I picked out the outfit that I am going to bring Joey home in. I was going to take a picture of that outfit, but I think I'll wait until he is in it before I take the picture.

I am enjoying a quiet night at home. Rob is working tonight and Colby is now in bed. I couldn't find anything to watch and made the mistake of watching Life's Little Miracles. For anyone who does not know this show, it is a show all about sick kids filmed in Toronto. So, of course I've been bawling for the past 10 minutes before deciding to move and come blog.

We met up with the Reads today. I can't get over how much Adelle is growing. She is so beautiful. Colby was quite taken with her. It should be interesting to see how he is going to be with Joey. He told the waitress that Adelle was his "baby sister". it was much too cute.

I went into work today to pick up my ROE and drop off my key to the quality room. I must say that I don't miss work. It was a long walk up to the quality room and of course 1/2 way up the stairs I started to cramp up. Leaving work early was the best thing I could have ever done. Today just proved to me that I really have to take my time. By supper time tonight I was exhausted. But, to think, we were on the road by 8 to go to Truro, home by 11:30, then I was back in the car again by 12:30 to go to work, then we went to Vogue with Dad to pick out new glasses (Funny story - the frames we picked out for him were too small for him because he now has bifocals but looked GREAT on me, shows who I look like!) and then we came home Colby and I went out AGAIN to return a movie and put more gas in the truck since gas went up to 113.9 today. But, Rob is off this weekend and I'm quite excited about that. I am also in the process of re-reading The Di Vinci Code, since the movie comes out May 19th and I will be going to the theatre to see it. **IF** this child is stubborn like his brother and decides NOT to come out on his due date and hangs on until May 18th for the c-section, I obviously won't make it to opening night. I'm still hoping to have an April baby, and if that's the case his first night staying with someone for a couple hours will be May 19th! Any volunteers? Uncle Adam?!?!?! LOL

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I LOVE my digital camera!

We took Colby to get his haircut last night and the hairdresser spiked it. I have never done this to him and he loved it! To the point that he was upset when he went to bed last night because his spikes fell. So, I promised him that I would spike his hair today, and even put a little bit of mousse in it. When did my kid get so damn cute?

Brokeback Mountain nearly broke me

I rented Brokeback Mountain last night, because honestly I wanted to see what all the hype and all the awards were about. Well, I should have kept my 4.00 and bought coffees out of it. WHAT A DUMB MOVIE. We ended up turning it off it was so boring. This morning, after I came back from taking Colby to preschool, I thought I would watch the end, because, well, the affair had been going on for 20 years, how much longer could the movie be?? 30 freakin' minutes, that's how long. Nicole showed up just as I put it on and even she couldn't believe it. What a waste of time. I was not impressed. The storyline was weak, it jumped about way to much, and it honestly was very boring. I had to fight to get it out of the DVD player in the bedroom, and when I put it in the DVD player in the livingroom it kept asking for a parental control(which we have not set up on the DVD player). I should have taken that as a sign and not watched it. If you haven't seen it, DON'T. Save that 2.5 hours of your life and do something productive. Like... breathing in and out, washing your car in the rain, polishing your vacuum, anything.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

He's finally eating something else!

For anyone that knows Colby, you know what a fussy eater he is. When we came back from preschool yesterday he asked me if we had any maple syrup. Thinking this was something that must have come up in preschool, I said, "yes, we do" to which he replied with "Can I have some pancakes?" PANCAKES!!! I try in vain to offer him different food each day, and each day ends up with the same small variety of food. Fried bologna, hot dogs, cheese, saltine crackers, chicken and rice soup, chicken tenders, roast beef and gravy with potatoes. So, he had pancakes for supper last night at mom's, and we made pancakes for breakfast this morning. I'm afraid of giving it to him too much, because then he becomes sick of it and doesn't want it. He asked for meatballs for supper tonight, which I gladly made him! If only I could get him to eat fruit I'd be all set!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I can't wait!!!!

A&G are going to Cape Breton this weekend and we're meeting them in Truro for breakfast. I can't wait! I can't wait to see Adelle again. It's been soo long! I was also joking with Rob when we found out that we would be meeting up with them. When I was pregnant with Colby, they came up to visit for Thanksgiving, and I had him about 2 weeks later. Here's hoping that rubs off again and Joey comes early! Maybe it's the torment I receive from Adam, maybe it's the excitement I get from seeing Genevieve, who knows? Who cares! As long as it works!

My little soccer player

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Officially done work

It's been quite the week. I worked last Sunday, and begun feeling quite crappy Saturday night. Sunday night I came home and was quite nauseous. Monday I was really sick and really cramping, so I stayed home from work and Rob stayed home with me because something just didn't "feel right". Tuesday I was scheduled off work (which is why I worked Sunday) and still felt really gross. I was cramping A LOT, and sitting, which normally helped stop it, wasn't working. Rob went to work and was sent home by his boss when she found out I was home alone. No sooner did Rob get home that I felt like my water broke. This never happened when I had Colby, nor did any of the cramping I'm experiencing, so I was quite alarmed. We dropped Colby off at Nicole's and went to the Grace. We were there about 3 hours on the Early Delivery Unit, to find out that my water had in fact NOT broke and they sent me home. I was quite stressed, as you can imagine, but luckily the intern and the resident were quite funny. Well, at least Rob and I found it funny. When the intern attempted to listen for my heartbeat, she was listening on the RIGHT side. Last time I looked your heart is on your LEFT side. Then, when she decided to measure my belly, she asked ME where they measure from?! To top it all off, when the resident came in, she was fighting with the bed, WITH ME ON IT, in the "assume the position for me to stick this thing in you". I felt like we were reinacting the scene from Nine Months when Robin Williams in trying to figure out the bed. At this point all I could do was laugh and hold on. She was literally pushing and pulling on the bed to make some part of it slide out. Then, she says "Oh, I remember now, this is the BROKEN bed". It was the laugh I needed, as I was hanging on for dear lift and by this time poor Rob is nearly on the floor laughing. So, I called my boss Wednesday morning, changed my shifts on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to 12-8:30, and finished officially as of Friday. I can't keep pushing myself like this because I'm not getting enough sleep. I had an appointment with the "baby doctor" on Friday who agreed it was time for me to go off work and modify my life as much as possible. Everyone seems to think I'm going early, and I do too. I figure if I'm still pregnant after Easter it will be a shock to everyone! I would like to make it to at least 36 weeks, which is only 2 weeks away!