Sunday, April 01, 2007

I need to quit work

Working is interfering with the rest of my life. I really didn't think it would be this difficult to be back, but it is. The hardest part I find right now is the little time that I am spending with Colby. I see him in the mornings, and admittedly this is not my best time of the day as I'm normally still exhausted, and then I see him when I pick him up from school. We get to chat a bit when I drive him to Timberlea where the boys spend a couple hours with Nicole and then I turn around and head to work. It's not much better with Joey because by the time I bring him back when we drive Colby to school he goes down for his nap and sleeps for the better part of 2-3 hours. So, he's up at 12, and by the time we get lunch and I get ready for work we're out the door. Am I whining? You're damn right I am. This really truly sucks. But, I should be lucky I have a job and I have great family support to look after the boys in the time between when I go to work and Rob comes homes (Nicole has then 2 days, Mom and Dad have them 2 days and Kassie has them 1). Oh well, now that I've totally depressed myself on a Sunday night..... Kassie is moving into her own apartment this weekend! It's a little 1 bedroom. I'm hoping to see it Tuesday and she moves in Friday. BJ, Kelly and Alan are coming down Thursday night and they want me to do family pictures for them. Hopefully the weather stays warm and we can do it outside. I am taking Colby to see the Globetrotters on Thursday at the Metro Centre. For anyone that knows Colby, he has always been obsessed with basketball, so this should be a really fun Colby-Mommy night. We're going to go for supper first, and then the game. I can't wait! Of course there will be lots of pictures!

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