Monday, June 18, 2007

Settling in

This is the view from my bedroom window last night at midnight. Colby decided he wanted to help me with the dishes. It's not child labor if he asks to help, is it? I could just eat this face! Behchoko This is the Northern, where Rob works. This picture is taken from the parking lot of the Northern. The yellow house with the brown roof is ours. Shows you exactly how close we live to the store. My matcho man.
Life in Rae is very comfortable. Much more comfortable than I ever thought it would be this quickly. It is certainly different up here. The biggest adjustment so far is getting used to rashioning water. There is no water and sewer system up here, as it would never survive in the winter. Water is delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and what we affectionaly call the "poop truck" also comes on those days. We have a large water holding tank under the house and a "poop tank" under there also. And yes, they are separate tanks, to avoid the smart ass comments that I'm sure would appear. The water itself is not fit to drink or cook with, so we go through a 5G water bottle a week. This new house is much nicer than the other one. The furniture is all black leather and is only few months old. I can sit in my livingroom and look at the water, and can see water looking out the window over my sink. We are on an island, connected by a 1 way bridge, and we are at the beginning of the island, so we have water on both sides of us. I have very quickly stepped into the role of home body, and I love it more than I ever thought I would. I love the fact that Rob comes home for lunch everyday, and we go for a walk everyday to the store to see him and the managers. The almost 24 hour sun is a bit hard to get used to. It has only rained 1 day since we have been here. The sun sets around 11:30 and is up again by 4. We only have a few more months of this and then it will reverse, which will certainly be different! This Thursday is Aboriginal Day, and everything in town (with the exception of the Northern) is closed. It should be quite the day. There are many celebrations planned, with games and of course, drums. We have seen people sitting outside playing drums already, and it is quite the sight. Yesterday I watched a group of men sitting in a circle on the lawn of the Seniors Complex playing the drums and singing, and right in the middle of them was a little boy about 4, in a white dress shirt, black dress pants playing drums and singing with the men. It was amazing to watch. I had my camera with me but was hesitant to take pictures. I didn't want to intrude and wasn't sure how I would be received, standing there with my camera. I will definately be taking pictures on Thursday, as I am sure many people will.

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Tawny said...

Wow Tina, what an adventure you are on. I can't even imagine what the culture shock, or the constant daylight, is like. How great for you guys - especially Colby, who when he gets older, will have these stories to share about living up north.

Can't wait to read more :).