Saturday, June 13, 2009

The adorable Aiden

This is a little guy that I took pics of today. He was so fun as you can see! And, the washtub he is in is borrowed from the preschool, and I acquired 2 more today thanks to a great find at a local hardware store and the generosity of Joey's honorary "kokum'"


MOM said...

HE IS ADORABLE,LOVE THE WASHBOARD PICTURES.Tina give Colby and Joey a big hug from Nanny

OHN said...

The first one looks like you shot the tub down a hill and it is one heck of a ride :)

What a cutie :)

Valentina said...

Wonderful pictures! I wish we lived closer so you could shoot pictures of Lilyan in that tub! But then again, she probably wouldn't sit still!!! LOL Love, love, LOVE ALL the photos! You are so talented!!!