Sunday, March 07, 2010

The end of another week

Twinned highway, Northern style.
To say this past week has been stressful is an understatment. We (and when I say we I mean I) dropped the dog off at the vet on Tuesday on my way to Saskatoon to get her spayed. I arrived back there on Wednesday expecting to take her home to be told that she had a massive heart attack on the table. It took them 5 minutes and the use of an epinefrin injection to get her back. When I saw her Wednesday, she was blind. It was heartbreaking. As of today, we think she is almost 100% back to normal, with the exception of her hearing. We know her hearing has been impaired, but we are still trying to figure out the severity of it.

The weather here in town has been beautiful. The temperature averages +10 everyday. With this drastic of a temperature change, comes mud. LOTS of mud. Our snow is melting so fast everything is muddy. I had to take the boys out today and take a few more pictures on the lake before it becomes unsafe. People here tell me that it is still safe for at least a few more weeks yet. No thank you!

And of course, the mandatory updated pictures. This made me laugh. This is at the beginning of the ice road.
Colby said he was going to "jump in the water" (this is the edge of the dock)
"Swimming", Northern style.
Of course, it quickly turned to wrestling. They are getting so big!
And bad!

Seriously, would you feel safe driving on THIS ice road?? People here still are. Not me!


OHN said...

NOT ME EITHER!! I honestly don't think I would WALK on it, much less drive over it!

So now the pup won't be able to hear strange noises at night. Maybe you need to get her, her own hearing guide dog to help her out :)

Valentina said...

NO WAY! And I agree with OHN, I wouldn't even WALK on it, let alone DRIVE!!!

Allmycke said...

So sorry to hear about your dog. Have you got her home now?

Tara Muise said...

oh no! so sorry to hear about your dog...i hope everything's ok now.

p.s. nice pics

Anonymous said...

Wow, that ice road looks real 'safe'. lol.

But I guess it depends how thick the ice is underneath it, and if it's fresh water, then it's probably still solid enough anyway, just the surface is a bit sketchy? lol.

One day I've got to go on an 'ice road'... They are so strange to me.

Demeter said...

Sorry to hear about the doggie's hearing loss. How's her walking? I hope she gets better. The kids are really getting bigger.