Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mother Nature is a B*tch

Before the snow. I was so mad I didn't even take pictures of the snow this weekend.

So here we are at the end of Easter break. It's been a great week home with the boys, although 2
of the days were spent travelling to Meadow Lake. We had to go on Tuesday to get some work done on our truck, so while we were there we decided to buy a 10x10 gazebo for the back deck. For anyone who has not been to the prairies, the black flies in the summer are horrible. Just gross. So we wanted something to allow us to spend time on the back deck. Extra Foods had a great sale on, so we bought one, only to realize it wouldn't fit in the truck. We decided since Rob's work truck (a full size Silverado) needed some minor repairs, I would bring his truck in on Thursday, get the work done and bring the gazebo back. We also had plans to finally put up my clothesline that has been in a box for the last year. We bought the final things we needed for it, and I bought a whole bunch of clothes pins. We were in there shopping in +18 weather and it was beautiful. When Joey and I went back in on Thursday, it was all over the news that there was a huge snow storm on the way and we were in the direct path. At the time I heard this on the radio, it was +16 degrees and blue skies. There was NO WAY there was a storm coming. Well, Mother Nature got the last laugh. It has been snowing here since Friday. It's now Sunday and it finally stopped. Luckily it's warm and it's melting fast. But it was gross. And needless to say, my clothesline is STILL in the box.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Booooo on snow!!!

Way Way Up said...

We feel your pain Tina. I had just finished sweeping all the dead leaves off the deck at our new house and was looking forward to enjoying a good book out in the sun and then whammo!!!! The roads in Ft. Mac. were insane and there were still a few buried cars there this morning.

When Lisa drove me back down to Janvier to the old house earlier this evening we didn't even attempt to get into our rather long drive way.