Sunday, May 30, 2010

This is why I have been ignoring you blogger family

We had 2 very special visitors with us this week, and have been super busy trying to fit everything in. Nanny (my mom) and Gramma Jeannine (Adam's mom, you remember Adam, don't you?) came to witness Colby's communion and confirmation last Tuesday. It was a big night for him, and made even bigger when he was asked to do the welcome and the thank you to the Arch Bishop. He was very confident in his speeches, and everyone including the Archbishop commented on it. I was very proud of him, and was thrilled that 2 of his 3 grandmothers were able to be there. Although Rob's mom couldn't be there, I know she wanted to be, so I took lots and lots of pictures just for her, and of course you too.

Colby reading his speech.

Receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit, which his sponsor (and our good friend) Charlene Colby and Archbishop Lavoie

This was Mom's and Jeannine's first visit to Saskatchewan, and they had a blast. Mom and Jeannine made themselves right at home, and it was really great to have them here. They spent a morning at preschool with Joey, where they were welcomed with a big sign when they walked through the door that said "Welcome Kokums" (grandmother in Cree) and were presented with an armful of handmade traditional gifts from the kids (dream catchers, sashes) and Louise at the preschool gave them each a pair of miniture mocassins, traditional Metis sashes, and they feasted on Bibles (smoked fish), fingers (deep fried bannock) and of course, traditional bannock. We also went to some great rummage sales were Jeannine scored a beautiful jacket, Mom scored a great deal on some capris and a jean jacket for herself. They also went to Colby's school where they toured the building, met his principal, and watched him participate in Track and Field. They also adventured around town, played at the playground and took oodles of pictures. All in all, it was a great week.

Gramma Jeannine.
Of course, in true Joey form, he had to pee. And of course, no photo opportunity can be missed!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Oh Tina- that last picture is priceless! You need to blow that up and frame it. Such a boy thing.

And congratulations Colby!

Meandering Michael said...

Ha ha, Kara made the comment that I was going to make. That last picture should be in a gallery somewhere.