Saturday, March 05, 2011

Happy birthday Bone

My sister brought up a stuffed moose when she came to visit. It is a Webkinz, and Joey loves it. He is a master of the webkinz site, and he carries this moose that he has named Bone EVERYWHERE with him. He decided that today was Bone's birthday, and of course what is a birthday without a cake!
Super decorating skills!

He insisted the "W" for Webkinz had to be there, and he copied the colors from the Webkinz symbol on the Moose. Of course there was testing of the icing. Many, many times.

So proud. He had to feed Bone some of his birthday cake!


Nanny Power said...

Hope Joey helped Bone eat his birthday cake.Happy Birthday Bone.

Trace said...

My daughter has 11 Webkinz. She's grown out of using the website but she used to love it. Happy belated Birthday Bone!