Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Joe's first letter

As you know from the past, when I get a call from a teacher about something that happened in school, I have always made Colby write an apology letter to his teacher. Well today, I got a call from Joe's teacher (who happens to be a colleague of mine). She said that Joe took off on her after school without waiting for his brother. Normally he has to wait for his brother after school and they walk across the street to meet me at the preschool to head home. I always get Joe to wait for Colby to cross the street with him because it is very busy at that time of the day with parents picking up their kids, buses coming and going, etc. So, in true form after Joe and I talked about the importance of waiting for Colby, we wrote an apology note. As much as I want to ask her for it back, I'm sure as a teacher she's going to want to keep it herself.

Very seriously writing his letter. I wrote the letters and he copied it.

Translation (and if you look closely you can see it). I'm sorry. From Joe.


Nanny Power said...

That's too cute,I'm laughing now looking at Joey so serious writing to his teacher,to bad you couln't keep it.

Kelly said...

you should ask her to photocopy or scan it. That rocks.

Allmycke said...

If I were his teacher, I'd frame that letter(My word verification is "worth")


Precious!!! :)

Morena said...

That's a great idea. I'm going to steal that one for myself when the time comes.

Thanks for sharing.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

How adorable!!

And when did he become Joe? What happened to the "y"? He isn't that grown up yet, is he??