Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My rant

Alright, I promised those who saw it on FB a rant. I'm not nearly as worked up about it as I was last night, and I would have blogged last night but honestly I spend more time on the Ipad than I do at a computer and I can't really type on there. I am getting REALLY TIRED of society pushing weight loss on people. There, I said it. All you see on FB lately is "want to lose weight?" "Come join the 90 day challenge" and all you see on TV lately is commercials for "Jenny", "WW" whatever. If you want to lose weight, fine, do it. But STOP telling me I have to. I read many blogs online, and that seems to be most all are talking about. (Except you Kara, your story is different). Why can't people be fat AND happy? My kids love me, my husband adores me, my preschoolers don't care what I look like. For the most part, I eat healthy. You say I'm not healthy? Well, I'm in control of my own destiny. You think you're going to live longer than I am because you are skinny and I'm not? Skinny people die just as much as fat people. That's the one thing people cannot control. I'm a firm believer of when your time is up, it's up. You can't change that. So you might as well be happy. I will admit, I was obsessed with weight loss when I lived in the south. It's a totally different mentality here. In this community, people who haven't seem each other for a while don't greet each other with "boy, you look good, did you lose weight?" People here accept you for whatever package you come in. If you choose to change it, you are complimented. BUT, there is not the pressure that you would feel in other places to lose weight and keep it off. Not one person in the community that I live in is doing this "90 day challenge" crap. I don't need to spend 250.00 for powdered shakes and diet pills. If I want to lose weight, I will change my eating habits and physical activity level. If I want to spend the day playing video games with my kids when it's warm and sunny out, well I'm going to do it. I'm spending time with my kids. Would I go to the gym 6 days a week if I lived in the south? No freakin' way. No offence to those of you who do, but if I want to exercise I would rather do it by getting outside and playing with my kids. Or going for a walk with my husband. Or better yet, going for a walk with my Ipod. I HATE this time of year because weight loss is always a new year's resolution for people and society tries to monopolize on it. I wish people could just be happy with who they are. You don't see that much anymore. There, I've said it. *steps down off soapbox*.


Allmycke said...

Just saw a program on Swedish TV about just exactly this. A health professional (Yes, it's true!) said that as long as you are happy with your weight and is healthy, there is no reason to try and loose it. IF you however, are in danger of developing heart problems, diabetes or the like it might be wise to reconsider. Diets have a tendency to not do the trick for time immemorial - but like you said exercise in moderate doses and a change in diet combined is a smart way to go about it.
I'm with you on this one!

tez said...

You are not alone in your sentiments at all! I am fat and happy too - I admit that I am trying to lose weight, but that's health-related and I'm eating better and working out and playing in my garden... not doing it to look any different.

It's the worst if you work with a bunch of women... I sometimes eat lunch in a separate room, just so I can enjoy it without judgement!

Tawny said...

I was worried that my posts would upset you and I'm sorry if they did. I was really curious to hear your rant after you posted to Facebook. I'm not sure I could ever tell anyone to lose weight - its a personal decision and certainly none of my business - but I'm finding out now that I never said anything to my sister because I was protecting her feelings, and she wishes I had said something. It's such a tricky subject, and certainly not one we have to agree on.

I appreciated hearing your opinion though.

Megan said...

Our society is totally messed up. We've lost all sense of what a healthy weight even is, and even tiny women are considered "fat".

And NO, you should not spend money on diet shakes. That's gross. Hooray for real food!

Anonymous said...

*stands and claps*

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Thanks for the exemption! hehhehe

I have had some many friends send me information for some kind of shake thing that everyone is on. Not for me. I am avoiding almost all of that and trying to get what I need just from my food. It is really hard and it takes a heck of a lot of planning and tracking, but it is working. With weight loss surgery they really push the protein drinks and bars. I am trying to minimize that. They are expensive and they taste like shit!

Your focus needs to be on health- mental and physical. You need to be strong (physically and emotionally) so you can kick the butt of people who irritate you! ahahahh

I love you!! Great rant. :)

OHN said...

So true. So true. I have been fat, I have been skinny, and I have been ten pound increments in between for my entire life. Your body changes through different stages in your life. What really kicked my ass is when I hit 45 and started "the change" (sorry men). The weight fell off other people and got stuck to me. It was a horrid sticky mess.
Not once did my kids ever tell me I was fat or anything remotely negative. I was mom and they loved me. But after a few years *I* was uncomfortable. My clothes were uncomfortable, I could barely walk the stairs a couple of times without being winded etc etc. Husband had tried to 'bribe' me with a new washer ('nother story...he's lucky to be alive) to lose 25 lbs. I gave him a rousing F-you. Another year went by and I didn't make any announcements, I just started changing MY lifestyle. I didn't push it on husband, kids, friends, etc. I did it for ME, nobody else. I started to worry about myself health wise. Until that point I didn't give a flying F what anyone thought.
Because of the few changes I made to MY life one of the side effects was losing weight. I do feel better, but here's what gets me......everyone I see that hasn't seen me in a year or so rave about how great I look, asking me how much wt I lost...blah blah...they seem to think I need the encouragement like it's a race. I can't tell you how many have asked me *which program* I used, or powders etc. When I tell them I still eat everything just less of it (God help the person that takes away my chocolate, cheese, cookies, breads.......)they don't believe me.
I changed because *I* wanted to, because I wasn't happy. It wasn't about me pleasing them, it was about pleasing ME. I have a niece I adore that is 150 lbs overweight. I worry about her health deteriorating but I couldn't give a flying crap what size pants she wears.
I, like you, am so so so sick of this desire for physical perfection that we are unleashing to our kids (mostly young girls). I had a beloved relative die from an anorexia related death. Trust me, she was much happier before. When she started losing weight and getting the "you look so great" compliments it was the positive reinforcement she needed emotionally, but she didn't quit. Then the whispers started behind her back about how skinny she was and the concerns that she was sick. Well, she was. It was a food sickness and it breaks my heart that she felt that was her only option to be happy.
Wow...sorry I hijacked your post. Obviously you touched a nerve.
Just love your friends and family, encourage them to be happy but matter what the scale says.

Trace said...

Well said!