Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Possibilities and changes

Since it was announced at our staff appreciation lunch today I can announce it here; I am not going back to work next year.  I decided, for many reasons, none of which I am comfortable discussing here, that this would be my last year.  Luckily for me I am on a year to year contract, so I can easily pull EI for the next year.  I also have my photography to help fill my time and my bank account if needed.  This will be the first year in 10 years that I will be able to take a year off work and not have a baby at home to take care of.  Now that both boys are in school, I will have my days free to spend as I please.  It is a very liberating thought and I can't wait.  A friend of mine stopped by tonight and saw the framed prints we have in the livingroom.  They are pictures that I have taken around town.  She loved them, and told me that I should be selling them.  It has really intrigued me, as people have said this before to me.  I think we will put a few more together (this means a trip to Saskatoon to get more frames) and see what happens.  I have never really been into what I called the "artsy fartsy" type pictures, but I will admit they are starting to be my new obsession.  The storm clouds here are amazing, and I went out tonight and took a bunch of pictures that I still need to process.  But of course, what would a post about pictures be without my absoutely favorite bird in the entire world and the inspiration for my upcoming tattoo??


Megan said...

Possibilities and changes are exciting. :)

Anonymous said...

tattoo eh? hrmmm..... :)


rosafar nandis said...

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