Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chasing rainbows

Rainbows have a double meaning for me, both good and bad.  I remember when my god daughter Adelle was christened.  Her mom Genevieve, Genevieve's amazing mother Alice and I went all over her little community chasing this amazing rainbow that came out.  It was vibrant and clear and we were determined to find the end of it.  So, on one hand rainbows make me smile and miss my friend.

Double rainbows have a different meaning completely.  When my sister came to visit and stay with the boys 2 years ago we also saw a double rainbow.  It was in February, and it was unseasonably warm that day.  It rained on my way to Saskatoon to get her, and unbeknownst to me the temperature suddenly dropped as we were travelling.  We were about 200kms away from home when we saw a beautiful double rainbow.  We were talking about how rare it is to see a double rainbow when I noticed an accident on the road.  I pressed on the brake and we slid right across the road.  The road that I thought was clear was in fact sheer black ice.  We spent the next 3.5 hours driving very slowly hugging the shoulder of the road in 4 wheel drive to get home safely.

This rainbow shot amazes me.  These were taken on Canada Day.  This storm rolled through so fast it was like it never happened.  I chased this rainbow all over town in the rain like a fool.