Saturday, August 04, 2012

Finding normal again

It has been almost 2 weeks since we moved back to Nova Scotia after Rob was let go from the Northwest Company.  In that time, we have bought all new furniture for moms house, outlined and acquired approval to renovate her yard (we need to build a bigger shed for robs quad and motorcycle and now that kids live here again we want to put up a fence and as we are now in a trailer park and rent the land you must acquire approval first).  The kids are happy to be back around soo many of their relatives and I am not sure how or why but this experience has changed Colby.  He is a different kid now, but in a positive way. I have been working very hard at trying to make this easy for them and have been working on making this a permanent home for them and for us. Many of our pictures are hanging on the walls now, and I had a phone interview yesterday and a follow up in person interview with the same company in 2 weeks. I am nt going to tell you yet about it because I don't want to jinx it but I feel really good about I and it is very exciting. I will admit though, I feel somewhat guilty that I am starting to feel happy here. I didn't want to.  What I want s my old life back, but I can't have that.  It was cruely taken from us by the Northwest Company and for that I will never forgive them.  What I want is the life I had there and the new life we will have here all at the same time. But we all know that can't happen. Notice how I keep putting The Northern Store and the Northwest Company here?  Well, there is a reason for that. Many people have found us through this blog looking for information on the company and we have always been big supporters. Well, now if anyone finds us by searching the Northwest Company, they will see our story.


Anonymous said...

Hi it's awesome that you guys have been able to bounce back so quickly. Truly blessed -and my congrats.

Enjoy this phase of the journey, perhaps greater happiness lays around the corner. I thin you're right to be angry with how the job issue took place--butl it's good to see the bounce back.

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