Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where to begin.....

I have been a bad blogger over the past month.  There has been so much going on in my personal life that I honestly just didn't have the energy or the desire to blog about it.  So here it is in a nutshell:

1.)  On September 4th, we lost a fantastic man in our lives.  Uncle Jim, Rob's uncle by marriage and my uncle by choice, lost his battle with cancer.  We were all in shock and still are.  He was a great man who saw the good in everyone and welcomed me into the family from the very first time we met.  We also shared a birthday him and I, and I will make sure to do something special on my birthday just for him. 

2.) I started and ended a job within a 2 week period.  Initially it was exactly what I thought it would be, but just a few days into it I quickly realized it was NOT a place I could work.  I am not going to go into details, but let's just say my morals wouldn't let me stay in a place where I knew I wouldn't be happy. 
3.) Colby and Joey have started a new school that they both seem to enjoy.  Joe is friends with a little boy who's mom is a childhood friend of mine.  It's quite amazing to see how the world comes full circle.

4.) I have been contacted by the town that I used to live in to do some contract work for them.  I don't want to go into details until it is finalized but I am really looking forward to it.  It has also made me very homesick for the home I can no longer call home. 

5.) I virtually walked with my friends in Ile a la Crosse during the Relay for Life.  My amazing friend Judy used Facetime on her Ipad while using her Iphone as a wireless hotspot so I could walk a lap with my former family.  Needless to say I cried the entire time and spent the night cursing the Northwest Company and the Northern Store for my heartache. 

Walking the lap.

My amazing friends lit a luminary for Uncle Jim.

My Metis Mama.

6.) After dusting myself off and trying again, I found a new job closer to where I live in a daycare that I love.  I have been there for almost a week and I can easily see myself there for the next few years.

7.) After much internal debate, I booked a plane ticket for myself to go to the Yukon next June.  My amazing friends Kara, Kennie, Jenn, Sarah and I are meeting in the Yukon next year for a week of girls fun.  We initially talked about this in honour of the amazing Indigo Sweetwater who was taken from us last year by that evil known as cancer.  She was a jewel of a person who was an amazing inspiration to us all and made the 5 of us realize that you have to live for today.  We have never met (well with the exception of Jenn and I who met for the first time this July when we were driving back here) and I am soo excited.  Never in my life would have I have imagined I would be doing anything like this. 


The amazing and beautiful Jenn.  We were only together less than 2 hours but we have known each other for years.


jen said...

I can not wait for our Yukon trip, we all need a little girl fun! It will be epic.
Glad you found a place you enjoy working at, I hope it helps the homesick you feel for sask!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Yeahhhawww for the awesomeness that is our Yukon trip! That should make up for all the other crap, right?


Jody said...

Tina, it sounds like you are coming along well back at 'home' :)

It was lovely seeing your flip-flop wearing self this summer, albeit briefly.

It's always wonderful to have a trip to look forward to isn't it?

Sarah said...

I can't wait until our Yukon Road Trip!!! :) I'm glad you found a job you like... and are settling back into life in the south. :)

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