Sunday, April 28, 2013

One of my favorite places

It is beautiful here today in Nova Scotia and I decided I needed to take the boys somewhere that I haven't taken them yet since being back.  We went to the Hemlock Ravine Park in Bedford.  It's a great place with many walking trails through the woods.

This is Hemlock Ravine Park.  It has a heart shaped pond at the beginning of it.  The pond is called Julie's Pond.  There is actually a great sign at the beginning of the park explaining the history of it that I really should have taken a picture of.  Long and short of the story is Prince Edward (the guy who went on to name the little potato island) had a mistress here in Nova Scotia.  Guess what her name was? She lived here in a mansion and he loved her so much he had this pond made for her in 1790.

We went walking through the woods and I snapped this shot of Joe.  Damn this kid is getting tall!  I can't keep him in pants that fit.

Oh Colby.  Please stop growing up.  I am not ready for the extremely attractive teenager you are turning into.

Unedited because I couldn't bring myself to edit it but DAMN when did he learn this?  He asked me if he could do this and I really didn't think he would!

I love this picture.  You can tell Colby is faking but it's still funny.

They make my  heart sing.  I love Joe's face in this one.

Nothing better than hugging a tree.  I told them we were taking these pictures for Kassie.

Then I gave the camera to Colby.

Photobombed by Joe!

My life.  They constantly amaze me.  This picture was Colby's idea.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

awww!! I want to meet them so badly.

Awesome photos!

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Jody said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your beautiful Joey.

I LOVE that park... and the last picture is awesome.