Monday, August 19, 2013

Babies having babies

I have a really hard time watching pregnant teenagers do stupid things that could risk harming their babies. I was out tonight and saw a young very obviously pregnant teenager smoking. I honestly wanted to punch her in the face. Getting pregnant isn't nearly as easy as people think it is. For those who don't know  we spent thousands of dollars on fertility drugs and missed work hours trying to conceive Colby. This may be a TMI situation for you but I have to tell you baby making on a fertility schedule is not romantic or fun at all. So for these teenagers who seem to get pregnant so easily and then blatantly put their child at risk I wish them hourly Charlie horses, heartburn and swollen feet. Take care of your babies, there are some of us who could only be so lucky to be as fertile as you. 


Jody said...


You know you aren't alone in this sentiment. I wasn't fortunate enough to have my own baby and it makes me sad when I see how 'unaffected' so many young ones are when it comes to rearing their kids.

Tammy said...

100% with you on this!! We are currently in between IVF cycles (we have had 8 failed IUI and 2 failed IVF so far after 13 years of TTC). When I see people mistreating their children, doing stupid shit while pregnant etc. It just makes me want to scream out to the universe... because it makes absolutely no sense, why them and not me.