Monday, May 24, 2004

Well, we are all settled and now that I live so close to mom and dad, I hardly ever see my kid! It's so nice, dad picks up Colby in the afternoons around 1ish and then takes him to go get mom and then I have a couple hours of me time until I go to work. As much as I am in love with my son, it's really nice to have an hour or 2 of downtime before going to work. We met up with mom in the grocery store today and as soon as he saw her, he had to go with her. So, I was promptly told to "go home mom". No loyalty at all. We went to see Shrek 2 yesterday. What a fabulous movie. Gramma Jeannine came over to look after Colby and he cried when she left. Again, no loyalty. Colby is very luck to have so many people around who absoutely adore him. He went to Gramma's on Saturday night with Rob for supper and she made him a beautiful new jacket. When we got up the next morning, (because I wasn't there when he got the jacket) he went running to show me and said "mommy, look at my favorite new jacket gramma made me" and he hasn't taken it off yet.

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