Thursday, May 13, 2004

Well, we are finally somewhat settled. I am still to this day waiting for my high speed. I gave up waiting for my phone and went with eastlink. Aliant is still on strike, greedy bastards. My opinion on this is if you don't like what you're being paid, quit, give the job to someone who will work for that money. How much money are they making now walking up and down the road looking like fools with signs around their necks? I say fire them all. Colby loves his new room. He is settled in well. He got really sick last weekend and stopped eating. Finally he is now starting to eat again. I ended up sleeping in his bed with him for 3 nights. It is not very comfortable. We went out and bought paint for Colby's room and the livingroom. I can't wait until we get the whole house painted.

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