Wednesday, February 23, 2005

We miss you Dale

Mom and Dad had a death in the family. After 15 years of companionship, our family pet Dale had to be put down. She was very weak in her hips, which after some research on my part have found that this is a common problem in older Golden Labs. Dad took her to be put down Friday. She is much better off, though seeing pictures of her is very sad. Now Mom and Dad are pet free. It wouldn't surprise me to see them with another cat or dog. Dad really misses having the dog around. If you ask Colby where Dale is, he will promptly tell you "She's in Doggy heaven". I worked another day shift today, and it looks like I will have the opportunity to do this once a week. It was difficult to get up and go to work this morning after working a HORRIBLE night last night (we were very busy, 2 reps told me off because they were waiting so long and the last words my last customer told me were "F**k you lady!" If I didn't need this job so bad, that man would be receiving his next invoices in Spanish, his voicemail would be changed to spanish, his account would be debited 600.00 for no reason, his phone would be suspended for lost / stolen (thus destroying the sim card and NO WAY would we credit for that) and a password would be placed on the account, such as "this man is an ass" with STRICT instructions NOT to let anyone into the account without verifying the password). But no, I'm not that kind of person. At times it's tempting though. But, since I worked today and had tonight off, we (actually Rob) decided that we should as a family go out and do something. We ended up going swimming. At first, Colby was very hesitant, and had the "I'm not letting go ever" vice around my neck with his legs wrapped around my middle. By the end of the hour, he was floating in his small inflattable ring (which I left there, Bad Mommy) and did not want to get out. Now all he talks about is going swimming again. Looks like Rob has found a new passtime for them at night! (BTW, for anyone that is interested, since to date I have lost 30lbs and my bathing suit actually fits. This is the first time one has fit in many many moons. Not that I'm a supermodel in it or anything, but hey, I'm allowed to brag a bit!) On last thing, if you ever need a good "belly laugh", check out Tawny mentioned it on her blog ( and she's hilarious. I read it several times a day because she updates it that much. She is a woman who lost her job because of this website. It's worth a read.


Tawny said...

Heehee at the revenge you would like to seek out on that man... I never realized how potentially vengeful you could be!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, what I wouldn't do sometimes!