Friday, December 02, 2005

17 weeks yesterday

THIS IS FROM A WEBSITE I AM ADDICTED TO, and yes, to be honest, I'm too tired to actually blog so I'm copying. So sue me. I've provided you wtih reading material.

Mother: Your uterus is now about halfway between your pubic bone and navel. Your secretions all over your body may increase, due to the increased blood volume. So if you are sweating more, have nasal congestion, or are suffering from increased vaginal discharge this is nothing to worry about and will go away after the birth of the baby.

Baby: Your baby is forming brown fat deposits under his or her skin, by the end of pregnancy this will account for 2-6% of their total body weight. This will help them maintain their body temperature when they are born. The baby weighs in at about 5 ounces (142 grams). This means that the baby now weighs more than the placenta. No new structures have formed. Loud noises outside may actually cause the baby to startle.

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Tawny said...

I'm assuming your tired because of the pregnancy, what else are you experiencing? How is this pregnancy compared to Colby?

(This is a perfect place to record all of these things, and would be so interesting for your kids to read when they get older! :).