Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Can't sleep

Colby had a sleepover at mom's last night and at the last minute I decided to go over there with him when I got off work. Mom said that he hadn't eaten all day and all he did was slept. He was up at about 3:30 and I crawled in his bed with him. I was there about 1/2 hour and he sat up and vomited all over the bed. I got him up, changed him, put him in my bed, stripped his bed, and spent the rest of the night / morning listening for him to get sick again. Dad and mom are both sick, so it's no wonder he picked it up. I managed to catch a couple hours sleep this morning when colby napped with dad in his room, but beyond that I've been awake and going non stop. Mom got her first Christo hamper today, and man, what a pile of food! I can't wait to get mine on Monday. So, I figured, with all this lack of sleep, I would be ready to drop. I was falling asleep around 8:30 in the chair so I got up and started puttering around the house to keep awake until Colby went to bed and I knew he was asleep. Rob went hunting today and thankfully due to today's technology I sent him a text message early this mroning and he was home by 2. We brought Colby home, (I had spent the entire day at mom's) and he slept for another couple of hours, but when he got up it was like he was never sick. The kid is amazing. He had soup for supper, (not a lot, but it's more than he ate in the past 24 hours), 2 big glasses of milk, and a pudding. I gave him some Children's Gravol to help him sleep and prevent him from getting sick through the night to see if he can kick this once and for all. Here's hoping. At this point, I thought I would be sound asleep by now, but no, after a nice long, hot epsom salt / bubble bath, I'm wide awake. *sigh*. Wish I could take something to sleep!


Kass said...

You should've called me...I would have done sounds of the ocean for you :-)

jods said...

Wine usually helps me if I've had a sleepless night prior - however I guess that can't pertain to you! Hope you got some sleep though.

Anonymous said...

At least you got to update your blog. See a bright side to everything.