Monday, February 28, 2005

Only in my family!

This is my very MEAN Uncle Clar, pointing at the turkey he cooked yesterday. Posted by Hello He thought it would be rather funny to send me this picture. I was talking to Heather (my cousin) on line yesterday and she told me that her dad was cooking a turkey. Instantly, I could picture my Uncle in the kitchen, beer in hand, jeans, white socks and a shirt and could literally smell the turkey. I have had many Sunday dinners in that house and at the moment can still smell it. Today I am sure for lunch he had hash and hot turkey sandwiches. I miss that house.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

I'm rather frusterated

I have been trying to "gussy up" my blog, as one would say, but it's not working. If you look at other blogs, like Tawny's for example, she has lots of cool stuff in the margins of her blog, and is able to include pictures within the body of her text. The only way that I have found to put pictures on the blog is through Hello, but it looks better when I can just input it in the middle of my rambling. Someone help!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

We miss you Dale

Mom and Dad had a death in the family. After 15 years of companionship, our family pet Dale had to be put down. She was very weak in her hips, which after some research on my part have found that this is a common problem in older Golden Labs. Dad took her to be put down Friday. She is much better off, though seeing pictures of her is very sad. Now Mom and Dad are pet free. It wouldn't surprise me to see them with another cat or dog. Dad really misses having the dog around. If you ask Colby where Dale is, he will promptly tell you "She's in Doggy heaven". I worked another day shift today, and it looks like I will have the opportunity to do this once a week. It was difficult to get up and go to work this morning after working a HORRIBLE night last night (we were very busy, 2 reps told me off because they were waiting so long and the last words my last customer told me were "F**k you lady!" If I didn't need this job so bad, that man would be receiving his next invoices in Spanish, his voicemail would be changed to spanish, his account would be debited 600.00 for no reason, his phone would be suspended for lost / stolen (thus destroying the sim card and NO WAY would we credit for that) and a password would be placed on the account, such as "this man is an ass" with STRICT instructions NOT to let anyone into the account without verifying the password). But no, I'm not that kind of person. At times it's tempting though. But, since I worked today and had tonight off, we (actually Rob) decided that we should as a family go out and do something. We ended up going swimming. At first, Colby was very hesitant, and had the "I'm not letting go ever" vice around my neck with his legs wrapped around my middle. By the end of the hour, he was floating in his small inflattable ring (which I left there, Bad Mommy) and did not want to get out. Now all he talks about is going swimming again. Looks like Rob has found a new passtime for them at night! (BTW, for anyone that is interested, since to date I have lost 30lbs and my bathing suit actually fits. This is the first time one has fit in many many moons. Not that I'm a supermodel in it or anything, but hey, I'm allowed to brag a bit!) On last thing, if you ever need a good "belly laugh", check out Tawny mentioned it on her blog ( and she's hilarious. I read it several times a day because she updates it that much. She is a woman who lost her job because of this website. It's worth a read.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Man this is early!!

It's now 7:27am and I am up, have consumed breakfast and am about to get dressed. Why is this such a big deal? I'm working a day shift today. Yep, 9 - 5:30. A guy at work wanted today off and offered to work my night if I would work his day. Initially, I was excited at this thought. Rob is off today, which means he will be home with Colby all day and I'll be home to have supper with them and spend the evening. I am also excited to work the day with friends who work days that I rarely see. The downside? How the hell do you people FUNCTION this early? I'm used to walking around, humming songs from the Doodlebops, and not getting dressed until noon. The last time I worked a day shift is when Gary Beals lost Canadian Idol to Ryan Malcolm. Poor Colby got up and asked why I was getting dressed. When I told him I was going to work, he said, "But Mommy, it's still dark out, you don't work when it's dark!". With my heart breaking, I put him in bed with Rob and I think the two of them are asleep. Working days honks. No one should have to do it. I'm not doing this anymore! I want to stay home! My girlfriend Sandra will be having a horrible day today. Her 3 year old daughter Madeline has to have her top and bottom front 4 teeth out. Her teeth are all rotten. They have tried to salvage her teeth but they are very sensitive and sore, so it was deemed it would be better to pull them and let her permanent teeth grow in healthy. I remember when Sandra first found out that this was a possibility. I cried right along with her. Little Madeline will be in my thoughts today. The only other option was to give her 8 root canals, but let's face it, that's horrible for an adult, that would just be sadistic for a 3 year old child. I'm sure Madeline will be fine. She will just have to get used to not being able to bite with her front teeth, seeing they will no longer be there. It's Sandra that will have a harder time, as any parent would. Luckily she's young enough that this is an option. I just wonder how long it will take for her permanent teeth to grow in. Sandra is off work today (obviously), then she has the next 2 days off to mentally recover. I'm hoping to go visit this weekend. We'll see. Well, I guess I'm off to work! I don't know how early I should leave for a 9am start. I have no idea what traffic will be like. Traffic, hmmm, do I even remember what that is?!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Colby and I just finished making a home made Valentine's letter for Rob. He typed it all by himself, and I translated. We're not much into Valentine's day, we really never have been, but I think it's important to acknowledge the day. With that being said, Happy Valentine's Day! May your day be filled with love, hugs, kisses and most importantly, Chocolate!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

One big cookie!

This cookie was actually this big! He didn't eat much of it. It was given to him by Kelly's cousin Julia, who works at Irving.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Lost and Found

I participated in a Subway consumer panel taste test on Thursday. Let me tell you it was a blast. There were about 30 of us, and all we had to do was eat Subway subs and give our opinion. It was the easiest $50.00 I have ever made! When I left there, I was talking to Rob on my cell phone and then I went to my sisters to get Colby. We went out for supper (I took her and Colby out) and then I realized that I couldn't find my phone. When I tried to call it, it was turned off, which was really funny because I knew it was on and it had a full battery. ( never leave the house without my phone and it's never off). I searched my car, Kassie searched her house to no avail. I was devastated. I became one of the customers I hate at work who has all their information on their phone and life is going to end because the phone is MIA. So, I called Rogers to suspend the line and inquired on replacing the phone. The options were very limited and extremely expensive. I went to work Friday extremely disgruntled and asked if anyone had a phone that they could loan me so I could finish out this contract. Luckily Alicia had one, so all I would be out, minus the phone numbers in the phone of course, was the $25.00 for the new sim card. I called home that night to let Rob know I found a phone, to find that Kassie's dog Kilo found the phone in her driveway and brought it to her IN HIS MOUTH! The most ironic thing of all is that the damn thing still works great, minus a few scratches on the back cover! That dog is my new best friend, and for all that know me, I don't like dogs. I'm going to find the biggest bone I can to bring in to him!