Monday, February 27, 2006

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Tawny posted something like this on her blog and since I'm not tired and Rob is asleep in the chair I thought I'd fill it out for your reading pleasure.

4 Job's I've Had: McDonald’s hostess, receptionist at physiotherapy clinic, gym supervisor in physiotherapy clinic, and currently Quality Monitor, along with being a mom and wife of course.

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over: The Wedding Planner, Shall We Dance, Thelma and Louise and The Truth About Cats and Dogs

4 Places I Have Lived: Beaverbank, Torbay, Timberlea, Sackville

4 Albums I Can't Hear Too Often: Greatest Hits – Prince, any Tina Turner, any Cher, any Rascal Flatts

4 Places I Have Vacationed: PEI, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Bar Harbour, Maine

4 TV Shows I Love: NCIS, CSI, CSI Miami, Law and Order SVU

4 Of My Favorite Foods: Chinese Food, Homemade Egg Rolls, French Onion Soup, my mom’s home made bread / toutines

4 Websites I Visit Daily: LocobellaTuna, JoJosCrazyLife, East Coast Outdoors, The Newfoundland Herald Online

4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now: In my pool, in my bed, hanging out with my kid, hanging out with my husband

4 People I am tagging: Rob, Adam, Genevieve and Brad (who can leave them as a comment


Anonymous said...

4 movies: Pulp Fiction and....I'll have to get back to you.

4 places I have lived: Timberlea, Halifax, Saint John, Yellowknife.

4 albums: Ummmm the last 4 Great Big Sea albums, cause that's the only group that we automatically buy their cd's.

4 places I have vacationed: Alaska and all the places in between, Ottawa, Toronto, Bermuda.

4 tv shows: What only 4?? Ok...The Amazing Race (except for the Family edition), CSI(all of 'em), Law and Order(all except CI), and everyone's favourite Wheel of Fortune!

4 foods: Christine's Pizza, Christine's Penne, Christine's spaghetti, Christine's Garlic Bread.

4 websites: this one, Rob's, environment canada for the weather, and cbc/cjcd/halifax herald for the news.

4 places: Nova Scotia, someplace in Europe, New Zealand, or skiing in the rockies.

4 people I am tagging: I'm not sure what exactly this means....


elmo said...

4 Jobs - small stuff, Navy, Sutton
4 Movies - not really, always looking for the next one.
4 places I have lived - bayswater, middleton, Victoria, Halifax
4 Albums - download all my music, havent bought an album in something like 6 or 7 years
4 places I have vacationed - cuba, alaska, whistler, quebec
4 tv shows - 3 men, rides, rick merser report, this hour has 22 min.
4 foods - red meat, rappie pie, deer, road chicken (ask rob)
4 websites - dilbert, filogix(for work), tina/rob blogs, google
4 places I'd rather be - australia, cayman islands, europe, and of course whistler (24 hours from now)
4 people - I am not that mean

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot one category.

4 jobs I have had: paper carrier, McDonald's hamburger flipper/drive-thru guy, Grocery store clerk and multi-tasker extraordinaire, and finally: peee-lot, or for the math fans: 3.14lot.


Outdoor nuts! said...

Jobs: Infantry Reserve, Costco, Kent Building Supplies, Winners.

Movies: Top Gun, All Lethal Weapons, The Rock, Band Of Brother Series.

Places Lived: Hubbards, Timberlea(2x), Torbay, Sackville.

Albums: I like pretty much everything!

Vacations: PEI, New Brunswick, Bridgewater NS, yeah...I suck!

Shows: NCIS, CSI(all), Tour of Duty, Survivor.

Foods: Lasagna, hmm..All red meat especially deer, Buffalo Wings.

Websites: Tina's, Mine, NS Hunting, NS fishing.

Places: Staying Home with Colby&Tina, On a cruise with Tina, Visiting Brad in Yellowknife, Skiing with Adam,(ba&%ard!)