Thursday, March 16, 2006

Extra services available at Powers B&B

I joke with Dad that on the nights that I come to spend the night when they have Colby that "I need to reserve by room at the Power B&B". I spend the night when Colby does so that way if he's not up when dad has to drive mom to work he can just keep sleeping. So, I spent the night last night and Dad said that he'd come to Dartmouth with me to pick up my Avon order, since I knew the boxes would be heavy and it's hard to carry big boxes. So, we get out to the car, and I throw my bag and clothes in the truck. I dropped what I thought was my watch also in the truck and thought, "Oh well, I'll get it later" as I closed the trunk. Well, as I'm sure you can guess, it wasn't my watch but my keys. And, of COURSE it's the night I remember to lock all the doors. So, I looked at dad and said "Still got your slim jim?" (For those that don't know, dad is a retired bodyman). And off he goes to the shed and comes back with a home made slim jim. Well, dad's a little rustier than he thought and couldn't get the door opened with the slim jim. The one thing you must remember is that Dad hasn't worked on cars in years, and when he used this slim jim there were no power locks, like the Grand Am has. So, he went "old school". Out comes the cut clothes hanger. And, low and behold, "pop" goes the lock! I joked "I don't remember seeing this additional service available in the brochure for the B&B!" Only in Woodbine.


elmo said...

What!! I dont even get an honourable mention for my part in this. I guess thats what I get for laughing at you.

Tina said...

Yes, my knight in shining Silverado, I know you would have come out to unlock the car. But YES, you did still laugh at me.