Saturday, June 24, 2006

Poor little bugger can't get a break

Poor Joey. Not only is he dealing with colic, we are now battling thrush in his mouth. Thrush is a yeast infection that is very common in infants that covers their tongue and cheeks. Normally this is cleared up with medication, but it didn't work for him and it made it worse to the point that yesterday he couldn't eat. We were at the point that we tried feeding him with a syringe. We took him back to the doctor, again, who prescribed another medication. This stuff is applied directly to his mouth via a qtip and is bright purple. So, when this is applied, his entire mouth and lips are purple. Rob and I couldn't help but laugh when we first put it on. But, as funny as it looks it appears to be working. He slept last night and actually ate today more than 1/2 ounce. Along with the thrush, he has been battling a bad diaper rash. I was talking to a few friends of mine who told me that the IWK has a diaper rash cream that you can buy at any pharamacy. I was shocked, as this was never told to me at the hospital and I had never heard of it. It's called Buttocks Cream. I laughed when I saw the bottle. But whatever is in it cleared up his rash in a day, and goes on much better than any cream I have used. So, Butt Paste it is for us from now on!

I must admit I'm bummed this weekend as we were suppose to go to New Brunswick. It's been forever since we were up there, but with the baby battling colic at night and now this thrush issue, there's no way we could have made it.

We aquired bunk beds for Colby off Freecycle and are planning on setting them up this weekend. I put Colby's mate bed at mom's on freecycle and received over 20 emails from people who wanted it. It was picked up this afternoon, so now we have room to move Colby's bed from here over to mom's and then set up the bunk bed. We're not going to set up the bottom bunk, but use it for a play area for Colby. He's very excited.

We traded dining sets with Nicole and Lloyd, with them taking the big set we had here and we took to her small table and 4 chairs. We now are able to sit in the livingroom and look into the kitchen as the window is no longer blocked off with the china cabinet. I'm very excited about it.

We are getting Joey baptized next Sunday. I will soon be digging out his baptism outfit, here's hoping it fits!


jods said...

Hope the wee boy feels better soon! xo

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.
Give both Joey and Colby a hug for us.
Adelle had her first year needles today. Lot's to tell there.
As always I'm not great at keeping in touch, finding time is even more difficult.
I've heard that:
Parenting is a wonderful gift, sleep seems to be the gift wrap you throw out.
Hope all is well