Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm a believer

I have heard many people talking about "Crocs", the newest fad in my opinion. I thought, and still do think, that they are probably the ugliest shoes on the market today. So, when my mom showed up with a pair, I thought "Mom, how could you waste your money like that?" UNTIL I wore them. They really are the MOST comfortable shoes I have ever owed. My feet don't get hot and they're great in this province where it seems to rain every 5 minutes. So, as of yesterday, I'm a Croc owner and lover.

We also spent time at Rob's parents place last night as his dad has retired. There was a houseful of people, music, singing and lots of food. I ended up downstairs with the kids trying to put the baby asleep and this is how Rob found me. (The OTHER cutie pie is Rebecca, my neice and god daughter)


jods said...

And you come down on us flip flop wearers!!! Shame on you Tina - at least flip flops look good!!! ;)

Tina said...

No, flip flops do NOT look good, AND more importantly, Crocs are silent!! LOL

staceface said...

you should have heard me running through the subway station in Paris at midnight with flip flops on. Sounded like crazy gun shots, I nearly died laughing!

Tawny said...

You're awfully lucky you posted that sweet photo after that first photo. Those things are seriously hideous. Seriously.

And Jody's right about the flip flop comment! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, you know there comfortable when an emerg nurse can wear them for 12 hrs without any pain! Congrats on the discovery!!

Tina said...

yeah a follow crocer!!