Monday, July 24, 2006

We're back!

We got back early yesterday morning. Of course, not without drama, but I will post about that later. Joey just went down for a nap and since he's not feeling the best I'm not sure how much time I have.

Colby fell in love with Newfoundland. From the moment we arrived, he was constantly on the go. My Uncle Clar was quite taken with Joey, as was everyone. The trip was harder than I thought it would be physically, as Joey didn't want to settle with anyone but me. I did manage to slip in "a few" pictures, and will post them as I scan them. It was "squid jiggin" time in Newfoundland, and for all you mainlanders, it means the squid are in the harbour and all the boats are out to catch them. It's a very busy time for local fishplants, and a good way to make a lot of quick money. I went down to the wharf to get pictures and Kellie came with me. Of course, I will do almost anything for the "right picture" and had Kellie paranoid that I was going to fall into the water. My only response to this was "Just catch my camera!"

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