Monday, December 11, 2006

Escape from Alcatraz

Well, not really but that's what it reminded me of. When Rob got up this morning to go get Joey all I heard was: "Hon, you gotta get up and see this!" I stepped into the kitchen just as he was scooping up a baby hedgehog from the middle of the kitchen! The only thing we can figure is that he climbed on the roof of the house (Sunny had knocked the roof off), climbed through the bars, walked across the counter and cannon balled to the floor. The part we can't figure out is the turd that is stuck on the top of corner litter box we have. We quickly put him in the hamster ball and he took off again around the kitchen as we moved the house to the middle of the pen. Rob joked we're going to have to start doing headcounts when we get up in the morning! Oh, and we initially named this hedgehog Houdini, but after giving it more thought we are naming him John Mason, Sean Connery's character in "The Rock."


elmo said...

So when do I get my christmas present??

Valentina said...

That's too funny, Tina!