Saturday, December 09, 2006

From the mouth of babes

I have this mug from Avon that I love. It's a Breast Cancer mug that I bought in memory of my Nan. I buy everything that I can that supports breast cancer research, but for some reason this mug is my favorite of all. Colby lately has been asking for hot chocolate, and when he asked for this the other night, he asked if he could have my "pink" mug. I told him that he could, and it was my favorite mug. Colby is a "kid of 1000 questions", and was quick to ask why it was my favorite. I told him that when I drink something warm from it, it feels like "a hug from my nanny". I then told him about Nan, as she passed away the year before I got married. I told him that she was a great lady, and would have been his "Great Nanny", and that she was "Poppy's mommy". The next morning Dad was with us in the truck when I drove Colby to school as we were going shopping. I asked Colby to "tell Poppy who we were talking about last night" and this is what he said:
"Poppy, mommy and I were talking about Great Nanny. She was your mommy and she's in heaven".
and then he followed this up in his very serious heartbreaking little boy voice with;
"Poppy, is your mommy your angel that takes care of you?"
I have never wanted to hug my little boy so tight as I did that morning.


dawn mclaughlin said...

What a little sweetheart!

Valentina said...

What a little angel, Tina! His sweetness brought tears to my eyes...