Friday, June 30, 2006


There is definately no question who Colby looks like. Happy Birthday to my little brother, your last one before becoming a daddy!

Pro bowlers

Kira, Rebecca and Colby Pro bowler

Jean and Nicole took the kids bowling on Tuesday and as you can see the kids had a blast.

Tagged Again Compliments of Tawny over at LocobellaTuna

5 Things in My/Our Refrigerator:

1) A full bottle of prepared Isomil

2) Pineapple (fresh, of course)

3) Raspberry Juice (the only juice Colby will drink)

4) 3 types of mustard (regular, honey and spicy bold)

5) Bottled Water

5 Things in My/Our Closet:

1) Artificial Christmas tree pole (not enough room for it with the rest of the tree)

2) Clothes

3) Rubbermaid container of Christmas paper

4) Gift bags

5) Sleeping bag

5 Things in My Handbag / Backpack:

1) Toothpaste and tooth brush

2) Wallet

3) Latest Avon book (of course)

4) Keys

5) Mini Purell

5 Things in My/Our Car:

1) Stroller

2) Booster seat for Colby

3) Base for carseat for Joey

4) Misc papers and mail that has not made it to the house

5) At least 1 Tim Horton's cup at any point in time

5 People to Tag:

1) Rob

2) Adam

3) Brad

4) Jenn

5) Genevieve

(for 3, 4, 5 just leave them as comments on this blog as none of you have your own blogs, YET)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Poor little bugger can't get a break

Poor Joey. Not only is he dealing with colic, we are now battling thrush in his mouth. Thrush is a yeast infection that is very common in infants that covers their tongue and cheeks. Normally this is cleared up with medication, but it didn't work for him and it made it worse to the point that yesterday he couldn't eat. We were at the point that we tried feeding him with a syringe. We took him back to the doctor, again, who prescribed another medication. This stuff is applied directly to his mouth via a qtip and is bright purple. So, when this is applied, his entire mouth and lips are purple. Rob and I couldn't help but laugh when we first put it on. But, as funny as it looks it appears to be working. He slept last night and actually ate today more than 1/2 ounce. Along with the thrush, he has been battling a bad diaper rash. I was talking to a few friends of mine who told me that the IWK has a diaper rash cream that you can buy at any pharamacy. I was shocked, as this was never told to me at the hospital and I had never heard of it. It's called Buttocks Cream. I laughed when I saw the bottle. But whatever is in it cleared up his rash in a day, and goes on much better than any cream I have used. So, Butt Paste it is for us from now on!

I must admit I'm bummed this weekend as we were suppose to go to New Brunswick. It's been forever since we were up there, but with the baby battling colic at night and now this thrush issue, there's no way we could have made it.

We aquired bunk beds for Colby off Freecycle and are planning on setting them up this weekend. I put Colby's mate bed at mom's on freecycle and received over 20 emails from people who wanted it. It was picked up this afternoon, so now we have room to move Colby's bed from here over to mom's and then set up the bunk bed. We're not going to set up the bottom bunk, but use it for a play area for Colby. He's very excited.

We traded dining sets with Nicole and Lloyd, with them taking the big set we had here and we took to her small table and 4 chairs. We now are able to sit in the livingroom and look into the kitchen as the window is no longer blocked off with the china cabinet. I'm very excited about it.

We are getting Joey baptized next Sunday. I will soon be digging out his baptism outfit, here's hoping it fits!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Just a favor please

The baby website that was set up by the hospital is going to shut down soon and I would really appreciate anyone that has not made a comment but wants to do to so in the next day or so. I want to print this off for his baby book and there are some people *cough cough* that have not posted. The link again is

Crazy Crazy life

I actually have a minute to sit and type. My parents, the wonderful people they are, bought a swing for Joey a couple weeks ago. Initially, he didn't like it at all and wouldn't sit in it, although he loves to be swung in our arms to fall asleep. I have gradually been putting him in the swing to get used to it when he was asleep on the slowest setting. He was really fussing a little while ago and I was trying to get a quick bite to eat so I put him in there for a minute to put peanut butter on my toast. I turned around, AND HE WAS ASLEEP IN THE SWING! This may not mean a lot to people who do not have children or do not spend time around small kids, but this is a gift right from heaven.

We are coming to the conclusion that Joey has colic. There doesn't seem to be any other answer. We have switched his formula from Similiac to Isomil, he was still really gassy and uncomfortable so on the advice of a pediatrician we switched him again to Alsoy. That lasted for 1 bottle because he became instantly gassy and in a lot of pain. So, back to Wal Mart I went to exchange the formula back to Isomil, which we know at least he will drink. I have never seen a kid with so much gas and in so much pain because of it. We now do not leave the house without a bottle of Gripe Water and Ovol, which both sometimes help. But, at least he sleeps great through the night when we get through "fussy time", which begins around 6pm and ends around 10pm. If we can get him to eat something between this time, and it is never at the same time, he will fall asleep around 10ish and sleep until around 3ish, and then we're back in bed and he'll sleep until around 7ish.

When we took him to the pediatrician yesterday, she walked in and said "So, how old is he?" even though she had the chart in her hand. When I told her "5 weeks", she said "Holy crap, what did you do, give birth to an elephant?" She said if we hadn't told her she would have thought Joey was 3 months. She weighed him and he topped the scales at 11.7lbs. He has already outgrown all his 3 month clothes and is now in 6 month pjs due to his length.

Colby started soccer last week. He's amazing at it and he really loves it. There are pictures on the digital camera that as soon as I get another moment they'll be posted here!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Crazy blogger!

I have been trying for 3 days to make a post and blogger has been "unavailable". GRR! Life is slowly falling into a routine. Joey is now over 11lbs and growing like a weed. I had his portraits done at Wal Mart last week and I can't wait to get them back. Rob starts his paternity leave on Monday and I am thrilled to have him home for a month. I know remember what it's like to eat supper really fast to ensure that I get to eat it all and that it's hot, and I don't remember what it's like to drink coffee hot. But it's all worth it.