Monday, January 22, 2007

I really should not have gotten up this morning

Today is just one of those days that I would have loved to just stay in bed. It seemed like nothing could go right today. It started off with no water, as a pipe had broken in the park and shut off water to everyone in here. It continued to our computer now not working, and me sitting on the couch with the laptop on my lap, and the mouse on a book to my right. Joey wouldn't nap at all today and I'm tired and cranky. Oh well, such is life. To be honest, I feel quite spoiled to be blogging from the couch, so it's not all bad. Except this stupid thing keeps beeping at me and I don't know why, and no Adam, the battery is not low because it's plugged in!

On a much lighter note, Colby climbed into bed with me the other morning as he always does for our "morning snuggle" before we start the day. It's something we have done forever and we both love. He crawls in, looks at me with a little grin and says:

"Mommy, you're not going to believe the dream I had last night".

"Well tell me about it honey, I love a good dream".

"No Mommy, I can't tell you" (as he giggles)

"Honey, you can tell me anything. I want to hear this funny dream".

"Well, there were lots of girls in it".

Me, trying to remain composed. "And what were they doing?"

"They were naked".

At this point I'm really trying to remain calm.

"Why were they naked honey"

"I scared them by yelling and their clothes fell off".

At this point he fell over giggling and I'm biting the inside of my lip, trying to remain composed and calm, all the while there's a voice in my head screaming


There are also 2 other voices in my head at this time. One is Rob saying "That's my boy" and the other is Adam saying "Are any of them redheads?"


Anonymous said...

one more voice that my boy hahaha

Valentina said...

Now, that's quite something to hear from your 5-year old! :)

staceface said...

I was at school for 12 hours today. This was a good break to a long day!
I laughed so hard!

elmo said...

Yup, we're teaching him well.... Now that he's got them naked we need to teach him what to do next..

oh, you didnt answer, were there any hot redheads? :)