Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007

Rob and I, for the first time, went out last night for New Year's Eve. I took pictures for Kelly's cousin who in turn offered to babysit for New Year's for us, since I wouldn't take any money for the pictures. We decided "Why not?" and figured we would just see where the night took us. I didn't want to be out late as Julia is a nurse and worked at 7Am the next morning. We decided to go to Montana's for dinner and then if there was time catch a movie. We're not into the downtown scene, so this sounded like a great night for us. We had initially tossed around the idea of trying to plan a house party at Adam's but since that didn't work out we invited him to come along with us, which of course he did. I felt very special to be "out on the town" with 2 such great looking men! When we got to Montana's, they told us there would be a 65 to 85 minute wait, which we waited out at the bar. It only ended up being about a 40 minute wait, but again, there are worse places to be then sitting between two good looking men drinking a strawberry daquiri. Our friends JoAnn and Barry showed up and we got a great corner booth. I ordered another Strawberry daquiri (after peer pressure from the 2 hubbies) and upgraded from the small I had ordered previously to a large, with slight (very slight) arm twisting by our waitress. We ordered appitizers and had a great supper with many laughs. I had to stop drinking my drink 1/2 way through as I was getting quite a buzz (yes, I am a VERY cheap drunk) and went off to the ladies room to pee. I found the walk a bit challenging and was very concerned over this, only to be greatly relieved when JoAnn followed me to the bathroom and commented on how slippery the floor was! I wasn't as drunk as I thought! YAHOO! We parted ways with Barry and Jo and the 3 of us headed across the street to the theatre to see what was still playing (at this time it was 9:40). Rob dropped Adam and I off at the door to park the car so we could go in and see what was playing and buy the tickets, as time was quickly running out. We had initally wanted to see "The Good Sheppard" but it wasn't there, and even the promise of a New Year's Eve Midnight Kiss couldn't convince Adam to go see "Dreamgirls", so we ended up getting tickets for the only show that was left which was "Casino Royale". Adam and I were laughing and carrying on in the line up , as we tend to do in public, and as I was buying tickets for Rob and I, Adam jumped over to the other line to buy his and I looked at the girl working the ticket booth and said to her "My free advice to you, is when you get married, only marry one man. Having 2 husbands can be a pain when you want to see a movie and get outnumbered". She laughed, and then did a double take when Rob walked in. (I was hanging onto Adam's arm when we walked in and then switched to Rob when he walked in and the girl saw this) I can only imagine what she was thinking! The movie was, well, it just was. It is definately a renter. But, I had a great time with 2 of my favorite men. How much better can New Year's get than that?


Valentina said...

It sounds like a very nice night out! Glad you had fun!

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