Wednesday, January 31, 2007

American Idol

I'm hooked. I'll admit it. And for anyone who watched it tonight, the old man made me bawl. I'm soo impressed that they let him sing.

Monday, January 22, 2007

I really should not have gotten up this morning

Today is just one of those days that I would have loved to just stay in bed. It seemed like nothing could go right today. It started off with no water, as a pipe had broken in the park and shut off water to everyone in here. It continued to our computer now not working, and me sitting on the couch with the laptop on my lap, and the mouse on a book to my right. Joey wouldn't nap at all today and I'm tired and cranky. Oh well, such is life. To be honest, I feel quite spoiled to be blogging from the couch, so it's not all bad. Except this stupid thing keeps beeping at me and I don't know why, and no Adam, the battery is not low because it's plugged in!

On a much lighter note, Colby climbed into bed with me the other morning as he always does for our "morning snuggle" before we start the day. It's something we have done forever and we both love. He crawls in, looks at me with a little grin and says:

"Mommy, you're not going to believe the dream I had last night".

"Well tell me about it honey, I love a good dream".

"No Mommy, I can't tell you" (as he giggles)

"Honey, you can tell me anything. I want to hear this funny dream".

"Well, there were lots of girls in it".

Me, trying to remain composed. "And what were they doing?"

"They were naked".

At this point I'm really trying to remain calm.

"Why were they naked honey"

"I scared them by yelling and their clothes fell off".

At this point he fell over giggling and I'm biting the inside of my lip, trying to remain composed and calm, all the while there's a voice in my head screaming


There are also 2 other voices in my head at this time. One is Rob saying "That's my boy" and the other is Adam saying "Are any of them redheads?"

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I really am a rotten mother

Needless to say, "Josephine" is going for another haircut!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Joey's new toy

Anyone interested? Only one left

Currently trying to sell the last baby hedgehog. They make cool pets. Currently asking 150.00 obo, but give a real good deal if it's someone I know HINT HINT HINT. How can you resist this face???

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Like playing twister in Jello

We are learning many things with the dog as time goes on. First and foremost, we have learned that she is most comfortable in her kennel when we are not home, as she tends to get so upset when we leave her alone outside of it that she craps on the floor. And trust me, big dog = big crap. We are currently in the process of trying to get her a smaller kennel, as the one she came with is massive, too big for her and for our house. I am also learning first hand what it means for a female dog to go in heat. I have never experienced this before, as the only dog I remember when we were growing up was already fixed when we got her. We are now going on week 2 of this. I put a post on freecycle a week or so ago for boys undies, as this was suggested to me as a way to keep the house relatively clean (for those of you who do not know, when a female dog goes in heat she bleeds. The bigger the dog, the heavier the blood flow. This was new to me!). I received an email from a lady who said that she custom made "diapers" for her dog out of flannel that she washed that kept the dog clean and kept the house clean. We were keeping her in her kennel for most of the time before this, as frankly she was making quite a mess in the house. We are using drop cloths to line her pen, and I am changing them and washing them 2x a day. I got the flannel diapers from this lady, and they were held together with an elastic that would sit on the dog's hips. Well, Chili doesn't have any hips and these did not work. We were able to modify them, and after a few tries this is what we ended up with. It wasn't the easiest thing to get on her at first, it was like playing twister with her. Luckily she is go easy going and after a bit of a rough start with it this morning I was able to get this on her, and she has been so much happier to be out of the kennel and laying back on the floor at my feet. As funny as it looks, she doesn't even bother with it. If I was a cruel person, now that she is used to me dressing her, I could dress her up in all sorts of things. A funny t-shirt.... maybe.

Monday, January 08, 2007

One for the books

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm climbing through the 30's faster than I thought I would. It's a bit scary to be honest. It began at 6am yesterday morning when Colby, who had snuck in earlier that morning due to a nightmare, reached for his sip cup of juice and mistakenly grabbed my normal glass of juice and in the dark spilled the entire glass all over me in bed. I, of course, was asleep until SPLASH and thought that Colby had been sick. I jumped up from bed, repeatedly asking Colby if he was sick as I was scrambling for the night. Poor little bugger kept saying "I'm sorry mommy, the top wasn't on my juice!" I cleaned both of us up, while Rob was chuckling in the backround saying "Happy Birthday Mommy, SPLASH". I sent Colby back to bed and curled up on the couch until the baby woke up. I had a great day at home with the guys, and they made me a great birthday card. I also received 2 very disturbing calls yesterday. One from a close member of the family who was attacked the night before by a family friend, and another from Rob's mom saying that his grandmother could not get out of bed and was in the hospital. Even though it was my birthday, I'm glad it's over and everyone is back on the road to recovery. I also received an interesting email. I have been approached to do a b/w photo shoot of a man who wants to do these pictures for this fiancee. He wants to do "sensual" pictures, which at first made me chuckle and think to myself "I don't do nudes of people I don't know", but the more I got chatting with him, he doesn't want anything pornographic (thank god) but just something sensual that leaves "something to the imagination" as a present for his fiancee. I have been trying to find some inspiration through pictures on the web, but every search I look for finds me looking at gay porn. Not quite what I'm looking for! Does anyone have any idea of where I can look for black and white pictures of men that are not graphic and totally nude? Tawny has always loved a b/w picture of a couple by a photographer by the name of Pamela Hanson (I think) and that's the type of style I'm looking for, but I can't seem to find anything with just men. Lots and lots of women, but no men. Any suggestions of websites or books would be greatly appreciated. Once I find what I'm looking for, I'm going to try out a few pictures with Rob, and I'll post them for opinions! (And Adam also if he'll let me!)

Friday, January 05, 2007

My men

We were all sitting around last night and after about 100 pictures, this was the threat from Rob. Did it stop me? Hell no! (In Rob's defence, this picture was AFTER I took approximatly 20 pictures of him taking the food processor out of the cupboard and putting it on the counter. BUT, in MY defence, I got some great shots of his butt, and let's be honest, how can I resist taking pictures and annoying my husband at the same time!)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sometimes songs can say things better than you can

well she was precious like a flower

she grew wild, wild but innocent

a perfect prayer in a desperate hour

she was everything beautiful and different

stupid boy... you can't fence that in

stupid boy... it's like holdin' back the wind

chorus:she laid her heart and soul right in your hands and you stole her every dream and you crushed her plans she never even knew she had a choice and that's what happens when the only voice she hears is telling her she can't stupid boy stupid boy

so what makes you think you could take a life

and just push it, push it around

i guess to build yourself up so high

you had to take her and break her down


chorus: she laid her heart and soul right in your hands and you stole her every dream and you crushed her plans she never even knew she had a choice and that's what happens when the only voice she hears is telling her she can't stupid boy stupid boy you stupid boy you always had to be right

This is Keith Urban's new song. This stopped me in my tracks when I heard it. Sometimes it seems like certain songs are just written for certain people, don't ya think? (And no, for those who don't know me as well as others, this is not a cry out for help for me, but reminds me of someone else)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007

Rob and I, for the first time, went out last night for New Year's Eve. I took pictures for Kelly's cousin who in turn offered to babysit for New Year's for us, since I wouldn't take any money for the pictures. We decided "Why not?" and figured we would just see where the night took us. I didn't want to be out late as Julia is a nurse and worked at 7Am the next morning. We decided to go to Montana's for dinner and then if there was time catch a movie. We're not into the downtown scene, so this sounded like a great night for us. We had initially tossed around the idea of trying to plan a house party at Adam's but since that didn't work out we invited him to come along with us, which of course he did. I felt very special to be "out on the town" with 2 such great looking men! When we got to Montana's, they told us there would be a 65 to 85 minute wait, which we waited out at the bar. It only ended up being about a 40 minute wait, but again, there are worse places to be then sitting between two good looking men drinking a strawberry daquiri. Our friends JoAnn and Barry showed up and we got a great corner booth. I ordered another Strawberry daquiri (after peer pressure from the 2 hubbies) and upgraded from the small I had ordered previously to a large, with slight (very slight) arm twisting by our waitress. We ordered appitizers and had a great supper with many laughs. I had to stop drinking my drink 1/2 way through as I was getting quite a buzz (yes, I am a VERY cheap drunk) and went off to the ladies room to pee. I found the walk a bit challenging and was very concerned over this, only to be greatly relieved when JoAnn followed me to the bathroom and commented on how slippery the floor was! I wasn't as drunk as I thought! YAHOO! We parted ways with Barry and Jo and the 3 of us headed across the street to the theatre to see what was still playing (at this time it was 9:40). Rob dropped Adam and I off at the door to park the car so we could go in and see what was playing and buy the tickets, as time was quickly running out. We had initally wanted to see "The Good Sheppard" but it wasn't there, and even the promise of a New Year's Eve Midnight Kiss couldn't convince Adam to go see "Dreamgirls", so we ended up getting tickets for the only show that was left which was "Casino Royale". Adam and I were laughing and carrying on in the line up , as we tend to do in public, and as I was buying tickets for Rob and I, Adam jumped over to the other line to buy his and I looked at the girl working the ticket booth and said to her "My free advice to you, is when you get married, only marry one man. Having 2 husbands can be a pain when you want to see a movie and get outnumbered". She laughed, and then did a double take when Rob walked in. (I was hanging onto Adam's arm when we walked in and then switched to Rob when he walked in and the girl saw this) I can only imagine what she was thinking! The movie was, well, it just was. It is definately a renter. But, I had a great time with 2 of my favorite men. How much better can New Year's get than that?

Christmas pictures

Since I was asked "Where are the rest of the pictures Tina, the ones you promised on your blog?" I feel obligated to post the rest of the christmas pics. Love you A!
The Fast and the Furious: Toyko Drift Dinkies - they have not left his hands

This is how I opened most of my presents

This is a blanket that was sent to Joey from my family in NL - he loves it

This is all Colby wanted for Christmas - Hot Wheels Go and Glow Turbo Tunnel
Colby doesn't seem to want to pose for pictures properly anymore - what a monster!

This is something that Rob's mom started when the kids were babies - she reads "Twas the Night before Christmas to them on Christmas eve - Joey was enjoying every minute of it!

This is the fireplace at "Gramma and Poppa's - I love the look of all the kid's stockings

I tried to get Joey interested in his stocking - he just wasn't into it as much as I was