Monday, July 13, 2009


As you all know, I have been trying unsuccessfully for months to toilet train Joey. We have tried EVERYTHING to get this little boy to pee on the potty. My goal was to have him trained before we go on vacation, but as of today that was feeling like a pipe dream. We stayed in the house all day, and no freakin' way would this little boy pee. He has the strongest pelvic floor muscles ever! After a day of frusteration and a few tears from each of us, Daddy decided to take one final different approach with him. He stood him up in front of the toilet, and when I saw this I handed him a handful of fruit loops, for "aim". Joe didn't quite get it at first, so Daddy being the great guy that he is demonstrated the fine art of "sinking the fruit loop". I had to run out shortly after that, and when I got back Joey was at the door, just bursting to tell me that he peed on the fruit loops. 20 minutes later, he told me he had to pee on the fruit loop again and off we went! I was so happy I cried!

As speaking of vacation, we are now down to single digits. We leave in 8 more sleeps. For those who don't know, we are driving back to Halifax. We expect that it will take us 5 days. I am stocking up on movies and plug-n-play video games, and I borrowed the first Harry Potter from a friend of mine to read to Colby and Joey on the way there. Colby has seen the movies but has never read the books. I have been trying in vain to convince him that the books are better than the movies because more happens in the books, and I told him that I would prove it to him on the way to Halifax. I'm hoping that it sparks an interest in him so that he will want to read the rest of the books, which I plan on getting when I'm back in Halifax. I can't wait to leave, and I'm just as excited for the actual drive there as I am for getting to Halifax itself. It will be the first time that I can remember that we will get 5 days of uninterrupted Mommy-Daddy-Colby-Joey time. Did I mention it's only 8 more sleeps?


Anonymous said...

Way to go Joey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome! And have a great vacation all of you- I hope the drive goes great and is a memorable as the rest of the holiday. You are brave parents to take that drive on- I wouldn't on a dare


OHN said...

YAY for fruit loops and vacations!

I love Harry, Ron and Hermoine (?) Of course, like you adorable son, I did the movie versions first.

S3 has grown up with the HP fact we have a standing date for each movie..hit the drugstor for cheap candy ($4.50 for M&M as the theater--no freaking way)and off we go to the show....tomorrow is our next one. Can't wait.

Oh, wait, this post was about you guys wasn't it?


Kel P said...


That's so awesome. I can completely understand both the tears of frustration and of joy.I actually DVR'd a Dr. Phil episode today because it was about potty training!

Can't wait to see you guys when you come through!! Can't wait to see Alan, Colby, and Joey all together!

See you soon!


GJC said...

Oooooh! Have fun in Halifax!!! Have a safe trip!

Clem and Chandra Schraefel said...

Congrats, Joey and family! We never tried the Fruit Loop/Cheerio thing. The boys always ate so many of them for snacks, I was a scared they would pick them out of the toilet instead of "aiming".
Enjoy Harry Potter - I have fond memories of reading the books with our oldest. And how I wish I could jump in your vehicle - one day I will get back to NS for another visit!!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I'll take lots of pictures for you Chandra, and everyone else of course!

Gil, did I mention we had donairs, lobster tails and scallops the other night? bwahahahaha.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

What a great idea! We will have to do that. Good luck getting ready for the trip!