Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where I've been

No, my dear blogger friends, I have not been ignoring you. Last Wednesday my computer commited suicide. I guess it just couldn't handle the demands we were making on it, and it jumped right off the side of the computer desk and went crashing to the floor. Was it coincidence that Joey was at the desk at that time? Probably. Was it an accident? Most definately, although I'm still not 100% sure how it happened. So we are left at the mercy of Canada Post to deliver us our new computer. Until then, I have resorted to using this laptop. I must admit, I do not like working on the laptop, and unfortunately since the laptop feels the same about me and refuses to use Photoshop properly, I cannot view or upload any of the pictures I have taken over the last week. I hope to be back on line very soon, or at least as soon as the new computer gets here!


Allmycke said...

Must've been suicide. Would someone with eyes like Joey purposely knock down the computer??? Not a chance!

A Watkins Man! said...

Personally I'll never have another desktop. They're big and clumsy and don't do any more than my little laptop does. Can I pick up the desktop and take it out on the deck to work on nice days? No way. Can I take it with all my files, programs, "educational tools" (otherwise known as games) when I'm staying in a hotel for a few days? Nope. I like my little laptop, and I'm keeping it.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I second Allmycke!! Joey is too cute to be bad.