Thursday, November 11, 2010

Teaching him to read so early may not be a good thing after all.....

We have recently switched to the local cable provider here in town because they offer digital cable. We have had satellite TV since we moved to the north, carrying our receiver and dish with us with every move. We are advocates of supporting local business, so it was a no brainer for us to switch over. We were watching the local "scroll" channel the other day, which is where we find out what is going on in town, etc and the ad for the digital cable channels came on the screen. Here they are: (it will make sense in a few seconds why this is here)

News Pack $2.95 298 CBC Regina 504 CNBC 501 BBC World News 510 Bloomberg East 503 FOX News 511 MSNBC

Entertainment $5.95 405 Game TV 608 Sundance 512 Bold TV 573 COSMO 521 Showcase East 582 BET 528 Space 583 CMT 548 Comedy West 590 MTV 2 549 Game Show Network

Lifestyle $6.49 572 Travel 568 W West 575 ONE 564 HGTV 507 VIVA 565 DIY (Do It Yourself) 534 BBC Canada 567 W East 561 Food Network 571 Fashion

680 Playboy ($19.95)

685 Hustler ($15.95)

Without missing a beat, Joey looks at the screen and says very excitedly and loudly:

"Look, Playboy!"

I was torn between being proud that my son recognized the two words "play" and "boy" and was able to read them together, and mortified at the thought that my son can read the word "Playboy" and I'm sure will embarrass me publically very soon when we're out somewhere and says "Look mom, Playboy! Like on our TV!"


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

ahahahhaahh I love it!!

Kel P said...

ahahahahahahahahaha :)

OHN said...

HAHAHAHA,,,,,oh are so in for a treat with those boys.....take it from one who knows :)

elmo said...

I had nothing to do with this one... but so proud :)