Saturday, January 22, 2011

6 more sleeps!!!

Our vacation is quickly arriving. We have been making lists of things to remember, things for Kassie to know about the boys, things we need to buy, things we are going to do.... oh the lists are endless. I would be lying if I said I was not the slightest bit anxious, as this will be the longest that we will ever be away from the boys. I have been updating the laptop with all my photoshop programs and templates, and have lots of plans on how I will be spending my days. I have lots of templates that I want to complete, so when I get home I can expand my photography business with photoshop extras, such as wedding invitations (I've just been contracted to design an invitation for a wedding I will be photographing in August), graduation cards, etc. At least if I had the templates completed and printed, people could look through them and decide which one they want. I also spent the day restoring an old photograph of an elder here in town when she was a teenager. I really enjoyed doing it, and I think will be offering this service here in town as well. I started a "piggy bank" at christmas time for my dream camera (Currently the Canon 7D which retails in the area of $2000.00 with the new lens I want with it) and all the money I make from photography will be going in this bank. I have 2 weddings booked for this summer and both couples have asked if they could pay me in advance, so those 2 alone will be over 1/2 of the funds I need. Plus I have already been booked for one session on the day of the high school graduation so I'm hoping by the end of this summer I will have the camera. I have no real reason for upgrading, the camera I have more than suits my needs. It's just not fast enough. My current camera (Canon Xsi) only shoots 3 frames per second, and the 7d shoots 8 frames per second, so it obviously has a faster processor. And it looks cooler. And I want it. So the only way I can justify getting it is if I save all my extra money for it. I even sealed the bank closed with glue so I won't be tempted to dip into it.

One day my pretty, you will be mine.

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I love that you sealed it with glue!! ahahahh

You should make another piggy bank to save for some photo lessons somewhere to add to your talent!