Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Happy birthday Dad

Today (well technically yesterday if you look at the date this posted, but as I am typing this it is still January 31st for another 40 minutes) my dad would have been 59. We would have joked that in one year he would turn the big 6-0, and we would probably be planning a big birthday party. When he turned 50, we rented plastic penguins and had them on his front lawn. For his 60th I would have strung big ugly panties and bras and we would have laughed. Instead, I had a little moment and sent my happy birthdays to heaven, when I hope he is celebrating with a great game of crib with my grandparents. My sister on the other hand burnt a lemon meringue pie and ate lifesavers for supper. To each his own. :)

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My friend posted this today, and I think you will really like it: