Saturday, February 25, 2012

How I spent my week off

This week here in Saskatchewan we have been on Winter Break. That means I have been off work all week. We have had a very quiet week here at home. The boys decided that their doors needed signs. Joey's door. He wrote all the signs himself. There was one that said "No Colbys Allowed" but luckily that one came down.
Colby's door. Simple and to the point.
See the brown outline on the floor? I decided to clean the oven with Extra Strong Oven cleaner. It cleaned the oven great, but the overspray RUINED my floor! Never in my life have ever I had to protect the floor. I read the directions on the side of the can and it actually says to line the floor with newspaper. Luckily we are being renovated very soon and a new floor is coming. We tried SOS pads, Spray Nine and even paint thinner! Nothing takes that shit off!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

ahahah Want to come and clean my stove please? I would take a wrecked floor if it meant my stove was nice inside!

Way Way Up said...

Ah that really sucks....I can totally sympathize since I took off some shower doors off my tub today. I'm sure the damned things had been on there since the house was built. No amount of scrubbing has been able to get rid of the brown marks underneath the frame that held the doors in place. Fortunately, I have a nice white fabric curtain that hides it well enough.

Donna Laprade said...

Try either WD40 (you'd be amazed at what that stuff does) or a Mr. Clean magic eraser.