Thursday, April 05, 2012

A shooting we will go

The weather is finally warming up here and after almost a week of all of us being sick we had to get out of the house. Rob recently bought a .22 that he SAID was for the boys to learn to shoot. Yes, you read that right, my husband is now buying firearms with the purpose of teaching our children to shoot. This is something that never would have happened had we not moved to the north. I love that we live in a place where we can teach our children how to use firearms safely. They are growing up respecting guns, not afraid of them. There is a sandpit just outside town that we can safely use for target practice. I will admit, I also took a turn shooting the gun and it was really fun. Hopefully we will get a few more hours out there this weekend shooting it!
One proud daddy!
He's a natural. No my friends, that is NOT a toy. That is a real .22 that my child is holding.
See that little dot on the top of my hill? That's my kid.
Same picture, zoomed in.
Once we got home, the puddle in the backyard was just screaming to be jumped in. I will admit, Joe didn't want to splash at first and I wasn't having ANY of that foolishness. So, like any good mom / preschool teacher I did what I do best... I junped in first and splashed him.

He's trying to run away from splashing. So I just walked on the water and splashed him. Hmmm, you didn't know I walked on water? Well, I AM awesome you know.
It didn't take him long to enjoy it.

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

My dad bought a Chipmunk .22 for my kid when I was still pregnant! We are gong to take it out this summer to start teaching Hunter to use it. I am so excited!!! It is so great to see your boys out with the guns.

Love the puddle jumping. :)